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  1. arachnyd

    5 Gallon or 6 gallon carboy???

    actually, most of my 5 gallon carboys are smooth sided and I have never seen a flexible glass container :) the extra room is probably a good enough reason for buying 6's if you are in a position where you have to buy
  2. arachnyd

    All-Grain Kettles

    you want spigots - 5 gallons of hot wort is not something you want to be moving around in an open top kettle - and 10 gallons may be nigh impossible for mere mortals
  3. arachnyd

    5 Gallon or 6 gallon carboy???

    I generally use a bucket for primary and a 5 gallon carboy for secondary - the only reason for that is I happened to acquire a bunch of 5 gallon carboys cheap when I started brewing from a water company that was switching to plastic. I have never used a 6 gallon carboy, but I don't think...
  4. arachnyd

    When to typically add orange peel..??

    in practical terms, the pectin from fruit in your boil will not lump up, but it will make a haze you cannot get rid of but not to worry about orange peel - no pectin there
  5. arachnyd

    Clear Bottle non twist

    buying in michigan, most stores handle all the returned bottles the same way - typically they go into a machine that reads bar codes and prints a receipt that you take to the cashier. Inside the machine is a hopper - all the bottles go together - regardless of the type - miller lowlife or heavy...
  6. arachnyd

    Clear Bottle non twist

    around here, no one wants the bottles back - the deposit merely keeps them off the side of the road. Stores typically crush them. So don't let your conscience bother you about keeping them.
  7. arachnyd

    When to typically add orange peel..??

    you could always put the peel in a small amount of water and add a camden tablet - then throw it into the secondary. Anything added to the primary gets scrubbed pretty well by the fermentation - you can generally get cleaner flavors by adding anything that does not need to ferment after...
  8. arachnyd

    Sake and Rice Wines

    Okay, this is not beer, but there is no forum for 'other potables' except the mead and cider forums In case you are interested, Fred Eckhardt, the foremost authority on homebrewed sake in the USA, has a recipe for sake here: recepty.veruska.cz/_sys/eckhardt-sake.pdf It is a PDF file. (I...
  9. arachnyd

    Clear Bottle non twist

    it is very difficult to get a reliably tight seal with twist-off bottles - don't waste your time and take a chance on flat beer!
  10. arachnyd

    Do you keep the beer labels or bottle caps from the interesting brews you've tried?

    I used to keep bottles, but they just took up way too much room - so now I have a bucket on top of the beer fridge that I toss a cap in. One day I might organize them according to color and make a mosaic mural with a beer-related image (my Starr bottle opener puts only a small dimple in the...
  11. arachnyd

    Fruit Substitution Question...help!

    cranberries have almost no sugar in them and are very acid - if you use them for flavor, you can make very good stuff, but you are definitely going to need another source of sugar. Frozen cranberries are still available at my local grocery
  12. arachnyd

    Sanitizing the racking cane

    I use a wallpaper tray also - it is great for anything long and skinny that won't fit in the bucket - racking cane, bottling wand, stirrers... it is also easier to get other small stuff out of than the bucket - my rubber gloves do not come far enough up my arm to dig to the bottom of a full 5...
  13. arachnyd

    Never had a good Asian beer

    it is not so hard to find - many homebrew shops are now carrying a kit that contains the 'seeds' of koji and sake yeast you will need. In addition to the kit, you will need plenty of rice, of course. If you want complete instructions, google 'homebrew sake' - there are a few sites out...
  14. arachnyd

    Espresso Stout?

    I did a porter many years ago, and cannot recall a lot of detail about it - but I made a basket of freshly ground espresso and poured the hot wort through it before cooling it - sort of an express drip method, as it were. I used decaf because I had a lot of it around and did not want to be...
  15. arachnyd

    Mead recipes/equiptment

    if you boil the fruit, you will develop pectin and it will always be there as a protein haze in the finished product - it will not clear. I generally use campden tablets - crush them up in a little water and put them in the must and let it sit for 24 hours - then pitch your yeast. The campden...