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    Oatmeal IPA?

    Turned out well. Good creamy mouth feel. I would just suggest that you go as nuts as you can with the hopping.
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    This is what I had from my Oatmeal IPA
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    Double IPA Double Simcoe IPA Recipe

    I've tried this a few different ways. Belgian Abbey II from Wyeast also works really well... as does switching out the Simcoe for all Citra.
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    Vizio would be skroooooooooooooooooood then. That's their whole business model. Anyway, I was having a discussion last night with someone about yeast strains and the "rights" to them. Unless you're in a Monsanto type situation, where they genetically engineer something and have a patent on it -...
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    I used RVA's "Hoptopper" in this: I haven't tried culturing from Heady Topper cans or the GigaYeast variant, but I'm hoping for good things. Will let you know in two weeks how it turned out.
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    Oatmeal IPA?

    I too decided to do an Oatmeal IPA based on what I had around the house. 74% 2-Row 9% Bob's Red Mill oatmeal 8% Panela brown sugar 7% C-60 Heady Topper Yeast (RVA Labs "Hoptopper") And a generous dose of Calypso hops. The nose on this thing is incredible. Started off at 19.2 brix and...
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    Safale S-33 Experience

    I made a cider out of S-33, and it had almost undrinkable levels of sulfur that never went away.
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    Back sweeten with preserved juice?

    A dude I know that's into cider making, who is dating a friend of mine, back sweetens with stevia, since it's not fermentable. I've never tried it, but I suppose it could be worth testing out.
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    Nottingham question

    I did 6gal of local UV-pasturized cider and put that together with 1lb of raw honey from a local farm, .5lb of Mexican brown sugar, and a packet of Danstar 11G Nottingham. Bubbling away, as we speak. I use a lot of Wyeast blends typically, when I homebrew - so going to a dry yeast is a bit...
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    Distillery Lane Ciderworks in Maryland

    I was there over the weekend. Came away with 2x 3gal buckets of the "cider-makers blend", and put that together with 1lb of raw honey from Burnside Farms in Haymarket VA, .5lb of Mexican brown sugar, and a packet of Nottingham. I really liked the place. The people we super friendly, and the...
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    Toasting oak chips

    Until it's done, really - or until I need the whiskey for something.
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    Vanilla Beans in the Bottle?

    Oh wow... okay. Thanks. If 1/5th of a bean will service one 750ML, I'm going to need to figure out what to do with the other 15 beans, LOL. I got a pretty decent deal online, where I found 16 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans for $13. I guess I could always buy some White Oak from Bruery and...
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    Vanilla Beans in the Bottle?

    I have a batch of stout that I recently brewed and bottled in 750's. I was thinking about popping the top on a couple, and putting a vanilla bean (or two?) in, that I'd had soaking in whiskey for about a week. Thoughts?
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    How to label faucets when you have 8 beers on tap?

    That's pretty sexy.
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    How to deal with Raspberry Seeds?

    So I was planning on brewing a lambic with raspberries, and I was wondering how most people dealt with the seeds.