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    Cheapest path to electric

    Induction BIAB
  2. AnOldUR

    Functional Difference between 3- and 4-prong 240V plugs?

    They both have ground. The 4 wire also has a neutral for running 120V things like a pump. Do not use the ground as a neutral. Run 10-3 to the panel and recepticle. If you use a 4 prong receptive with 10-2, at some point someone will assume it has a neutral. Definitely not to code!
  3. AnOldUR

    2 tier vs 3 tier

    Been very happy with two-tier for many years. Elevated HLT for gravity feed to MLT. Pump for re-circulating mash, transfer to kettle and whirlpool.
  4. AnOldUR

    "pre-carbonating" kegs at room temp

    Don't vent. I'd be like opening a room temp bottle of commercial beer and recapping before chilling. A lot of CO2 is in the head space and gets absorbed when you chill. By venting you're losing it. Also, if you haven't done it, check that your pressure gauge is accurate.
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    Controlling temp in warm water bath

    Another water bath fermenter here. I use a cheap aquarium pump in the bath to be sure there's no stratification. Just drop it in. No hoses attached.
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    Merry Christmas HBT!

    Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve gathering here also. Daughter, SIL and two granddaughters (8 and 5) staying overnight for present opening in the morning. Good times!
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    Kegging - Crazy Foam / Flow - Tried Longer Beer Line Already

    When you vent, it releases head space pressure, but the volumes of CO2 don't change too much. The head space then equalizes to a higher pressure. It takes several times to stabilize to a lower volume of CO2.
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    LoDo Cold Crash

    I'd think CO2 absorbsion would be limited to the small amount in the headspace and that suck back would come from contraction of the liquid from cooling. Why not hook up your gas line while crashing?
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    induction burner questions

    Been using a Avantco 3500 for something like 5 years with a Bayou 62qt (~16" diameter) kettle. In the process of bringing 13 gallons of American Rye Ale to a boil as I type. No problems with it that I couldn't work through. I've used it for BIAB a few times, but mainly three vessel. I prefer...
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    Whirlpool/steep time

    My 2¢. If you're keeping a whirlpool going, either with a pump or manually, they're whirlpool hops. If you throw them in, give it a quick stir and let it stand for X minutes, it's a hop stand. But which ever technique you use, it has to be accompanied by time and temperature intervals if it's...
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    On Demand Seltzer Water

    It's been maintenance free with daily uses for 2-1/2 years. That reminds me. I should probably change the filter, but no noticeable change in taste, so I'm not in a rush.
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    What is the lowest score you've ever medaled with in a comp?

    Had a mid 30's IPA take the gold over a 40. Love the mini BOS! :mug:
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    Citra $16.99 pound

    Are they nitrogen flushed?
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    Automated Mash Stir Arm

    No speed control. The idea is to "kick some grains up" and the spiral does this by drawing them from the bottom to the top. The thin stir rods (1/4" diameter) keep the mash in motion without any aeration. My earlier versions used something more like a paddle, but this is the one I stuck with...