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    Downy Mildew

    Keeps the Spider Mites and the vermin that bore the small round tunnels thru my hop cones at bay
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    Downy Mildew

    @PapaBearJay Here's a couple of less far gone leaves. The sidearms shrivel back to just 3-4 inches. Cones start to develop normally but eventual bracheoles turn brown before cone is ripe.
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    Downy Mildew

    Does this look like Downy Mildew? Centennial in Sacramento Delta, Ca. Temps in 100's for weeks. Winds constant 20-25 mph. Spraying Neem oil weekly No spider mites. My Chinook, Newport and Columbus also exhibit this condition. Starts in leaves then spreads to cones
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    So frustrated with my IPA's!

    For IPA's that I will dry hop in the keg, yes. 1to 3 oz of hop pellets in the keg will give a huge hop punch and completely overwhelms any flavor or aroma additions so I realized those boil additions were just a waste of hops. Now if I am makin say a Pale Ale which wont be dry hopped then yes...
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    So frustrated with my IPA's!

    Here' s my methid for making excellent IPA's in 5.5 gal batch 1. Water. Start with RO and add CaCl and Gypsum to taste. 1tsp CaCl in mash and 1tsp Gypsum in boil is fine fir my tastes. 2. Depending on grist, acidify mash with Lactic Acid amt calc'd using Martins' spreadsheet 3. Add only a...
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    Hofbräu Maibock

    I wanna know your setup! 1.070 OG from 11.5 lbs of grain is phenomenal
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    Foliar Feeding: who does it?

    Sure don't but I found only dibasic available in bulkonline. It has a pH of around 4.7 or so in solution. I use 1 Tbs per gallon H2O. Saturate a couple of leaves with this concentration and wait a couple of days to see if your varieties tolerate it
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    beergun with high carb beer

    You need to run at higher psi. Say 10 to 15
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    Hop leaves teared apart

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    Mt Hood hops stunted growth

    I live in SF East Bay. I had to pull my 3rd year Mt Hood and Liberty. They just never produced. They were infected with and too susecptable to the Mildew. Anemic yellowish leaves, throwing characteristic basal and aerial spikes , leaves browning and shriveling and burrs stunted and drying up...
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    Awesome Growing Resource Page

    Thats better. tnx Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Awesome Growing Resource Page

    Linka no functiona Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    OK Hops

    Jo Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Northern California Hops

    I'm in East Bay. The three crowns i bought and planted last November are sprouting now too (Feb 8). My 7 other plants (2nd 3rd and 4th year) are still dormant. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Home Brew mobile app
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