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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    6 gallons of cream stout + 17241 = 17247 gallons
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    I think I have the competition blues??

    I feel your pain, I didn't win sh*t at H24 either.
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    Flying internatially with homebrew

    I checked a bottle on a domestic flight last week, no issues. Internationally, I don't know; I'd imagine it depends on the arriving country's policies.
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    The trouble with hydrometers is . . .

    ...I freaking break them all the time. Hey, that's where I thought this thread was going. :fro:
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    oh **** lesson learned

    The irony here is the "sissys" part.
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    bubbles with starsan, should I rinse?

    As was pointed out, don't rinse - that negates the sanitizing effect of the starsan and pretty much defeats its purpose.
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    Cold crash before dry hop?

    I do it the opposite way. Dry hop at room temp, then cold crash to drop the hops to the bottom, among other things.
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    Beer documentaties

    That sucks, that show with Calgione was pretty entertaining. Freaking evil BMC empire (if the Bourdain rumor is true).
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    my first brew is in the fermenter

    That extra beer in the fermenter is just a nice little bonus. :mug:
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    574. Broke another one. You'd think by now I'd learn to PUT IT BACK IN IT'S CASE IMMEDIATELY AFTER I USE IT. Duh.
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    Quick Batch Sparge Question

    To avoid tannins and possible astringency.
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    Quick Batch Sparge Question

    I use 168, and certainly no more than 170.
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    Dry hopping

    I like to go big or go home. I used 4 oz of whole Cascade in my last 5 gal batch of an XPA, and it was incredible. No bag, and most of the hops settled in the cold crash.
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    Come Brew With Us Contest - Votes Needed!

    Done. Good luck, all.
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    Paranoid Spouse

    You could point out to this lucky sumbuck (geez, his wife brews, if that's not the definition of heaven, then what is?) that plenty of commercial breweries get used longnecks from bars, refill and sell them....