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    Noob ? Why 2 spouts on the kettle?

    thermometer or a sight glass tube
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    Quick n dirty temporary "kegerator"

    LOL.. that is actually really good.
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    Honestly, they all kind of suck. As far as I know, anyway. I've gone through probably 6 of them in as many years. There's only a couple manufacturers, but they sell the same product under 20 brand names... Oneida, Polder, etc., they are all the same.
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    The cheapest fan controllers (for stir plates)

    They are voltage regulators, not just potentiometers. 5-12 V range, up to 1 amp. These exact units are commonly bundled with processor fans and such. Anyway, for anyone that cares, I ordered 3 and got them in the mail yesterday, so that was 11 days for shipping. I cracked one open and the...
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    Do I need to use the lid from the freezer

    I would use chicken wire and and old newspapers
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    Do this look normal?

    As a general rule, if it smells normal, it almost certainly is. Hell, even if it doesn't smell normal, there's still a good chance that it is.
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    oh man Those thermometers suck anyway. After you get a decent one, maybe you will look upon this incident as the best thing that ever happened to you.
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    Do I need to use the lid from the freezer

    I don't see why you couldn't make your own lid. I bet if you sandwiched some sheet or foam insulation between a couple pieces of decent plywood and you sealed the border with doorway weatherstripping, you'd have a perfectly respectable lid.
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    Craigslist find

    yeah, I see those on CL all the time and it's crossed my mind. That is a crazy amount of volume. I think most people interested in that kind of volume are into conicals and stuff, though. Well, in any case, if you need to ferment a barrel and a half on the cheap, I don't see why not. Can you...
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    Pimping the Rig

    holy f'ing $hit
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    Jumping in with both feet and arms

    I think I have the same exact freezer. I put an 8" collar on it, though. It was tall enough to fit the corneys by default, but I wanted the extra space to mount the faucets and regulators/distributors, plus my 10# CO2 tank can fit on the compressor hump that way. I can fit 6 ball lock corneys...
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    Man, I HATE Bottling....

    I'm not trying to be a hater or anything. If you enjoy bottling and your pipeline is big enough to negate the bottle carb time, then more power to you. I totally understand getting enjoyment out of certain procedures (heck, if I didn't, I wouldn't brew in the first place). I also totally...
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    Jumping in with both feet and arms

    All grain is only as hard as you want it to be. At basic levels, it isn't any harder than extract, but it does take longer. You can take baby steps from there to increase your efficiency.
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    How much water for an immersion chiller?

    Probably not any more than a single shower.
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    Flip top bottling question

    +1 to everything on this thread. Store them open, but covered so you don't get dust in there. Then just sanitize as usual, preferably with a Vinator, before bottling. Definitely replace all the gaskets. They are cheap and it won't take that long. Personally, I don't remove the cap mechanism...