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  1. alexnphillips

    Recirculation temp for direct fire mash

    Alright, I'm pulling the trigger. I think I'm going to get this digital thermometer.
  2. alexnphillips

    Recirculation temp for direct fire mash

    You don't happen to remember where you got the compression fitting do you? I'm not finding it locally so I might order from that brewhardware site until someone has a better option.
  3. alexnphillips

    Recirculation temp for direct fire mash

    So you built a T in and then the digital thermometer you posted fits through that compression fitting? Sounds like a perfect solution.
  4. alexnphillips

    Recirculation temp for direct fire mash

    We've been using our direct fire mash for 6 or so brew days now and we're having trouble maintaining a good temp. The temp in the keggle will read one temp, a thermometer going through the lid will read another, and a digital ready at the top will read a another. Right now were just using a...
  5. alexnphillips

    Toasted Peaches?

    We brew a pretty good blonde that over the years we will rack onto different fruits. Current batch is in the primary right now and I am trying to decide if my peach idea sounds any good. I am thinking of doing about 1lb per gallon (10 gallon batch) halving them, sprinkle with brown sugar, and...
  6. alexnphillips

    Anyone have an Irish pale ale receipe?

    I want to find something close to mcsorleys Irish pale ale. I was thinking about taking my Irish red receipe and ramping up the hops and adding some oats.
  7. alexnphillips

    PB2 Reese's Stout

    I don't have my receipe with me but it will basically be like the one below. We substitued some chocolate malts for the roasted, added lactose, add oats, and of course the peanut butter. We're using a ton of this trader joe's peanut flour so I hope we get that flavor. I tried some of the...
  8. alexnphillips

    PB2 Reese's Stout

    also, while we're talking about it. What should I do for the secondary? I was thinking about bringing the peanut butter to a "boil" with some water, covering, and cool in the freezer before pitching it.
  9. alexnphillips

    PB2 Reese's Stout

    going to pick it up tonight. I'll let you know. Here is a pretty good article on all the different dried peanut butters. http://www.wellsphere.com/healthy-living-article/powdered-peanut-butter-a-review-taste-test/1238218
  10. alexnphillips

    PB2 Reese's Stout

    I'm brewing a dry peanut butter stout this weekend. I couldnt get pb2 in time without paying a to bin shipping so I starred looking elseware. I found trader joes sells peanut butter flour (does not contain flour but they call it that because of the consistency). It comes in 1lbs packages for...
  11. alexnphillips

    Where can I find PB2 or like?

    I'm in the Raleigh, nc area and am looking for a powdered peanut butter. Anyone have any luck finding any without ordering online?
  12. alexnphillips

    Raleigh Area Group Grain Buy - Round 2

    I'm getting a little light on Pils. If we wait until after Christmas I'd be in for at least a bag of that and some 20. I bet we could actually get two pallets if we had enough lead time. The response was pretty great on the last order.
  13. alexnphillips

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    username: sothereiwas
  14. alexnphillips

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale

    When did you add the sugar? Flame out?