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  1. alcibiades

    Robust Porter - Black Patent vs. Roasted Barley vs. Carafa III

    Thanks for the advice! Brown sugar would be to up the ABV and get it slightly hot. I kind of desire that warmth in a winter beer. I think I’ll go with black patent but replace the roasted barley with carafa III
  2. alcibiades

    Robust Porter - Black Patent vs. Roasted Barley vs. Carafa III

    Hi All, its been about 8 years since I've brewed.....or posted anything. Glad to be back! I found the following recipe for a Robust Porter I eventually want to add coffee to: 5 Gallon batch 9# two Row 1# chocolate malt 1#crystal 40 8 oz flaked barley 4 oz black patent 1 oz roasted Barley 4 oz...
  3. alcibiades

    Temperature and Dry Hopping

    I know that temperature affects the aroma and flavor of dryhopping, but can a much lower temperature act as a way to prevent the "grassiness" of dry hopping for too long. For example, can I dry hop at 60 for two weeks, then "shut off" the dry hop by moving it to 32 degrees? in short, can...
  4. alcibiades

    Simcoe/Amarillo IPA critique

    keep it with no crystal, or just add a few ounces of crystal 10. I like the non-malty IPA idea. i would add a tiny 60 min addition, i find it helps with a "hop backbone."
  5. alcibiades

    Dont Put Dark Munich in an IPA!

    i mash low, around 150. grain bill is mostly pilsner malt, some 2 row, crystal 10, and usually a pound or two of munich. OG at 1.075 combination of citra and amarillo, for 80 or so IBU I've made this recipe a bunch of times, this is the first time I'm getting this weird malty flavor. I...
  6. alcibiades

    Dont Put Dark Munich in an IPA!

    Put just 5 oz of Gambrinus Dark Munich in my 10 gallon batch of usually light IPA, figuring it would be like a pound of regular munich. It has a totally different flavor, and dominates with sickly sweetness. ruined 10 gallons of my favorite IPA recipe.
  7. alcibiades

    Is this kegerator and system a good price?

    thats a good deal if it is in decent shape.
  8. alcibiades

    Simcoe + MO smash - mash temp?

    I'd mash between 148 and 150.
  9. alcibiades

    Is it 8oz, or 8oz?!?

    let it sit and settle. from my experience chocolate beers change greatly over time.
  10. alcibiades

    Possible Hop back, Hop Rocket uses

    your first plan would definitely work, and probably add amazing flavor and aroma. It's basically a hop back system. I've never heard of anybody doing your second plan. Might be unprecedentedly delicious. I'm sure you already know this, but you can easily dry hop by putting the hops inside a...
  11. alcibiades

    Is is possible to do 5 gal. AG with one 7.5 gallon kettle?

    absolutely. look up "brew in a bag" or "stove top brewing" or "BIAB" All you need is a big nylon bag and crushed grain. I've made dozens of batches using a single 7.5 gallon turkey fryer kettle and burner. It works great!
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    Uinta Brewing, Detour IIPA

    whats up with utah? i also tried a brewery called "epic" from utah the other week, and it was amazing.
  13. alcibiades

    Uinta Brewing, Detour IIPA

    Wow, this is a 9.5% monster that is extremely well-hopped. Not too malty, big hop flavor, smack your face aroma. Comes in a corked 750ml as well. I just picked this up on a whim, having never heard of the brewery. Anybody else enjoy Uinta Brewing co.??
  14. alcibiades

    Buzzed with Jury Duty in the Morning

    Your reaction is the exact reason why prior criminal acts are not admissible during the guilt or innocence phase of a trial. That info is way too prejudicial. They do come in for sentencing though...