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    Ugh... bad equipment

    A lot of people don't seal up their fermenters. You'll be totally fine.
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    Converting a bmc drinker

    And you're still friends with him? :D jk jk I was there one day...someone asked me what my favorite "real" beer was about 7 years ago. I told them Budweiser...and I thought it was "real" because it wasn't light. I have long since converted...especially after moving to NC...great craft brew...
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    Brewmasters on discovery DVR was set to record every episode of Brewmasters... Final tally? 5...
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    Problem with Wort Chiller

    I don't use this type of chiller, but I think I've read that hops can clog them.
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    Chilling wort

    Yeah...sanitation. The only way I would add ice is if I had sanitized some ice cube trays that have covers (and sanitize those, too), boil some water, pour it into the trays once cooled some, cover it, and put it in the freezer. But then it would probably take a lot of ice trays to make enough...
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    Temperature Problem

    I (and a lot of others) put mine in a cooler of water and rotate out frozen two liter bottles of water to bring the temp down. I've found my beers to taste better once I started controlling temperature. Not that they tasted bad before...they just taste better now.
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    What else is homemade at your house??

    My daughter is homemade...
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    funny story about my friend becoming brewers

    If you're really just looking to get drunk, I guess it's cheap, fast, and effective!
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    Worth bottling?

    No harm in for time and effort. Give it a taste first and go from there.
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    What is more cost effective?

    Yeah...we have a really nice NG stove, with two "power burners" in the front that put out some pretty serious flames (at least for a stovetop). Still...getting 5 gallons to boil on that thing is a long process at best, and the weight of it slightly bent my cast iron grates. SWMBO was not...
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    6 weeks no carbonation

    Even if liquid couldn't escape though, gas might still be able to. Seems an unlikely (but possible, granted) culprit if they seem to be on tight.
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    Other hobbies besides homebrew..

    Fishing, watching sports, video games (A little Nazi Zombie killing, anyone?)
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    6 weeks no carbonation

    Indeed sounds like a yeast problem because everything else sounds fine. Did you boil the water the sugar was in? That would help it go into solution and mix better.
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    Just Bottled My First Brew

    Awesome! Wish my mom brewed beer!
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    First Time brewing with a kit

    You'll probably need to buy a cleaner and a sanitizer separately if you don't already have them