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  1. adx

    Maryland Cleaning out the basement. Barley crusher, March pump, chillers, burner, buckets, etc

    As a once very active brewer and member of the community (hey I won the first ever HBT competition) it's will sadness and reluctance that I'm selling just about everything I have. Over the years various things have left me little time to brew so I'd rather see this stuff go to someone that will...
  2. adx

    Kegs, pot/burner, flask/stir plate, 1 gallon StarSan, and more equipment

    I'm in the process of cleaning out some unused equipment and reclaiming some basement space. All of the following has been used, but it's in great condition. Everything is for local sale only in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. I probably have even more than this and if you buy something for...
  3. adx

    Father's Day gifts?

    I got a new 12" false bottom. I love my LHBS. SWMBO went in on Saturday afternoon with a rough description of what she wanted to get and they hooked her up. She knew I was bitching about my braid collapsing again and heard me mumble about getting a false bottom between swearing at my MLT.
  4. adx

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    In for the draw.
  5. adx

    Brew shed build underway!

    Nice. What are you going to do for the front? Just steps or a little porch?
  6. adx

    Brewing with newborns

    Mine is 15 months and only my 3rd brew since she was born. Mostly because I like to brew early on the weekends and I mostly just want to sleep in on those days as much as I can now. The lack of sleep was the biggest killer for me and mine sleeps really well. Now she can easily go 12 hours a...
  7. adx

    Which Plate Chiller Should I Choose ?

    Once your ground water gets too warm it doesn't matter how many plates you have. Next brew day I'm going to have to get out the old immersion chiller to use as a pre-chiller.
  8. adx

    10 Gallon Cooler False Bottoms

    After another stuck sparge this weekend I'm finally ready to call using a braid quits. I'm thinking about getting a false bottom, but want to know everyone's experience with the different variations in a standard, orange, round Rubbermaid 10 gallon cooler. Do you just use the 12" mesh that...
  9. adx

    Pump under $100??

    Keep an eye on Ebay. I got my March 809 pump off of there last year for about $80 with shipping.
  10. adx

    Brew Stand Help

    I've thought about, but part of brewing for me is about enjoying the outdoors when I brew. In not a heavy brewer, maybe 10 batches a year, so I don't think I'll be moving inside. I'm also considering selling the BM and either getting something else or 2 10 gallon BMs since I only make 5 gallon...
  11. adx

    Brew Stand Help

    With the current cash influx of a Christmas bonus I'm thinking about finally getting a brew stand and I'm trying to find something that will be easy to move in and out of the house. The bonus was big enough that the budget is just about unlimited and I might as well get something with burners if...
  12. adx

    Good brewing software for Mac

    I ended up using Beersmith in VMWare because I couldn't find anything comparable.
  13. adx

    Where would you put this brewmometer?

    This pisses me off too. Multiple times I've thought about just selling my 15 gallon and buying a 10 gallon. I know if I did that I'd be pissed when that once a year time came around for me to make a 10 gallon batch.
  14. adx

    Grain MD here!

    Someone want to drop a bag off at my place on their way past?