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    Quick fermentation question.

    Well I think you guys are definitely right that I racked too soon, my airlock activity is now up to 5-6 bubbles a minute and there's a steady stream of microbubbles running up the side of the carboy walls. So, I just wait it out and let it finish?
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    Quick fermentation question.

    I did primary for 6 days, at which point it had steady gravity readings for a couple days and very little air lock activity. The top is dry hopping in a bag (which, I know realize is probably a waste of effort... just going to dump them in next time)
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    Quick fermentation question.

    Hi everyone, First time dabbling in BIAB, brewing a Nelson Sauvin APA/IPA. The attached image is a week into secondary... shouldn't it beginning to clear up now? I'm shooting for an SRM around 6. It's just muck. Smells great, tho. Thoughts?
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    New here, but here to stay! :rockin: Count me in!