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    Jasmine Honey Kolsch (PM)

    Back to the jasmine cost and sourcing thing, If you're going for jasmine aroma, I'd avoid the expensive pearl teas. In fact, I'd avoid all teas altogether, unless tea flavored beer is your goal. :) I would just go straight for the dried jasmine flowers (4-8 oz). Put some in at the end of...
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    Blueberry Mead

    Is there a reason you can't just put in all of the honey on the front end? The yeast reaches its saturation point regardless of when it is added, right?
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Easy Chimay Blue clone

    No need to pitch more yeast at bottling, there will be plenty still in circulation going from the primary at 4 weeks. Priming sugar, and you're good to go. I've done this recipe 4 times, each one a little different - let it age, you won't be sorry. :)
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    Augustijn Ale

    I love Augustijn. Wish I could find a clone recipe for it.
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    Augustijn Ale - recipe request?

    I really like Augustijn. A lot. Almost as much as Chimay blue label/Grand Reserve. I think it's got a unique and delicious flavor that I enjoy moreso than many others in the in the tripel/belgian golden ale category. Has anyone come across an all-grain clone recipe specifically for this? My...
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    Last-minute force carb

    I pulled off a taster glass last night before putting it in the old man's spare fridge - it had plenty of head (probably in part thanks to the flaked barley), but was very flat with a haze of super-tiny bubbles near the top of the glass. Hopefully the chill and bumping up the PSI will be...
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    Last-minute force carb

    Ok - new to kegging here, and trying to compensate for some oversights. I had read some threads on force carbing, but it never occurred to me that the temps discussed were at fridge temps, not basement temp. I found some charts today that show I am way super under-carbed. Short version of...
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    Humor: The Subtle Art of Beer Snobbery ;)

    A friend of mine reposted this article to my Facebook page from the "Modern Drunkard Magazine"(website) by Frank Kelly Rich, and I found it pretty hilarious. Here's a link to the original if you like:
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Easy Chimay Blue clone

    No need to worry about the wine yeast - it is just intended to be killed off in the boil as a nutrient for the live, active Belgian yeast that you put in later. Nice to have, not necessary. I usually buy and use a separate yeast nutrient with the bigger, higher gravity beers, but it's not...
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    Feedback please - Brother Gray's BDSM (Belgian Dark Strong Malt) Ale

    Anyone? Looks good? Glaring problems? I was thinking of a brew 'in the vein of' (not necessarily a clone of) Chimay blue/Grand Reserve.
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    Feedback please - Brother Gray's BDSM (Belgian Dark Strong Malt) Ale

    I pieced this together on Please let me know what you think! May back off the Special B to lighten the color up a bit. I'm going to give it a go this weekend. Malt & Fermentables % WT Malt or Fermentable °L 68% 10 lb Belgian Two-row Pale 1 ~ 14% 2 lb Sugar, Table...
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    Can't find cascade rhizomes!?!

    Heya. I've got my first year hops garden going... 2 nuggets taking off, one cascade that has broken ground and is small, 2 mt. hood that are doing ok, and a couple of willamettes that are still small. One of my cascades didn't sprout, i dug it up and it had rotted. both freshops and...
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    Recipe assistance - Spiced Oatmeal Stout?

    Finally found a calculator. Looks like my hops/IBUs are low, and I'll need a beefier yeast. WLP002 can only get these grains to about 8%, but their WLP775 will take it to 9.6%. Although, that's a cider yeast. Seems their WLP004 Irish Ale yeast will take it closer to 10%. Hrm. Hrrrrrrm.
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    Recipe assistance - Spiced Oatmeal Stout?

    Ok - So I'm still very much a novice 2 years into this. I've been tasked with coming up with a spiced oatmeal stout for a friend's wedding. (I'm also brewing up a scottish, but I'm pretty confident and experienced with the recipe I'll be using for that). I have no idea how to use an app like...