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    I am actually considering this or the spike solo since the SWMBO doesn't trust me with a Propane setup. Could you do extract kit in this or would the weight of water and extract burn the element out? Obviously this would be just one or two batches to get my hands wet with brewing before...
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    Lawrence, KS water chemistry

    Thank you I have been using distilled water to brew I was trying same myself some money, oh well
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    Lawrence, KS water chemistry

    Can someone help understand my water report in lawrence, KS. I know it has chloramine, which I can remove with Camden tablets. But it is the mineral content I'm not sure if it's good to use for brewing Ales, IPAs etc.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Scissor tail Helles Bock
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    The most ingonrant thing you have EVER heard about Hombrewing or hombrewing technique

    Ok so we have The stupidest comment on your beer thread The Worst beer you ever had thread and The best commercial beer you have...
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    Has anyone gone for this brewing guide?

    I read most of the article and almost lost my lunch when he said "My beer had a sour green apple taste the Homebrewing forum (not HBT I assure you) siad that is why it's called green beer" also apparently fermentation also produces Acetaldehyde according to complicated brewing books. The...
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    Top-up question with a twist

    yeah I top up the ferementer to 5 G's I guess I'm trying to play around with adding less of not 'worty' liquid to the fermenter. Maybe to improve flavor!
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    Top-up question with a twist

    Hey HBT happy holidays to y'ou all first of all will be brewing the weekend after TG. So I haven't seen any threads on this so I have a question. I do partial boils in a three gallon pot. So I boil about 2.5 GAL of water add my extract and boil for 60 min, So I want to know after...
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    I've been reading this thread this it's inception (sorry drunk on Jom and coke) My SWMABO has asked about the legality and if it's safe to drink.
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    Russian Imperial Stouts

    If nay of you are in the midwest region, my favorite three RIS are Boulevard Brewing Company Imperial Stout 2011 Smokestack Great Divide Brewing Yeti, I have had the regular version and the Oak aged, there is a new "Belgian" one apparently inoculated with Brett, could be good. O'dell brewing...
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    Beer tastes good BEFORE bottling, bad after..???

    I had a problem with my beer tasting good before carbonation and tasting like tire rubber after, so my next batch of beer will be made with nothing but RO/spring bottled water, because I guess I have chloramine in out local water table, if it's still there I will be back on HBT asking questions :)
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    Starsan after almost a year

    it's cloudy but that's partly cause of the tap water here
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    Starsan after almost a year

    Hey guys Well it's been a year since my last brew and since my last post on HBT, stuff came up didn't have the cash flow for ingredients/kits (newbie). Anyway so...I have a 5gal Carboy with which is about 3/4 full of last years starsan solution, I am going to throw it down the drain as I...
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    Boulevard Double-Wide IPA

    Have to agree with some of the above comments about their average year round beers, even the seasonal six packs aren't that great I drink ZON (missed out this year, too broke) and Sometimes Bob's 47 (octoberfest) The RIS they have is astounding as is the Saison.
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    silly newbie, don't do that!

    you could always use Fermencap that will make the bubbles subside, I used it on my second batch