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    Playin' around - Belgian Golden Strong

    This is screaming for a split batch. That way you will have a tripel and a Golden Strong. I love brewing 6 gallons a splitting it between two carboys. Here is my experience with both of these yeasts. 3787( Tripel): OG-1.080 FG- 1.002 570 (BGS): OG- 1.076 FG- 1.004 I personally...
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    I need a source for bulk grains...

    I would try North Country Malts. They are in upstate New York. Malt & Hops :: Catalog
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    Warminster Malt

    I sent an email to Cargill but they never responded.
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    Warminster Malt

    I heard it is a very good malt and would like to try their pale maris otter. How does their malt stack up with Munton's or Crisp?
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    Warminster Malt

    Does anyone know where you can buy Warminster malts in the US? Cargill imports it but I haven't had any luck tracking it down. Don't want to pay for shipping from the Britain.
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    ESB I'm Brewing Sunday

    I would use 0.50 lbs of UK Light crystal and 0.25 lbs UK Dark Crystal. I think that you need a touch of those darker crystal flavors in a bitter.
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    Wyeast Saison Yeast

    At bottling I liked the 3724 the best. I will keep you posted after then condition for awhile. I guess this goes to show that you dont need to ferment the dupont yeast strains at 90 F to get proper attenuation.
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    Holy Hops!! IIPA

    The recipe looks good. One thing I would maybe try with that many hops is all the hops be added 20 mins and under. If you havent done this before you will get an incredibly smooth bitterness. Plus you will increase the hop aroma and flavor because of the huge amount hops need to get the right...
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    Wyeast Saison Yeast

    Thought people would find this interesting. Did a 9 gallon batch for Jamil's Saison recipe. The only change was that I mashed with 2 qts water/ lbs grain to really dry things out. Split the batch into three 3 gallons batches. Fermented with Wyeast 3724, 3726 and 3711. OG for each was 1.060...
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    Plastic taste with Wyeast!

    I don't believe it was your water because then you would have had the same plastic taste in your dry yeast beers. Unless you used different water every time you brewed with Wyeast but I highly doubt that. If everything is the same it must be have something to do with how you handle the...
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    Experiences with WLP550

    I have used WLP550 for two tripels. Both times it went from 1.082 to 1.005 in two weeks. On both of them I added the sugar just after peak fermentation to get it started again. I would def recommend incremental feeding. First of all you don't need to pick as much because you are starting...
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    English Ale Recipe Advice

    I would go with the special roast. I just brewed an Ordinary Bitter with it in. I used .25 lbs of Special Roast and .50 lbs of Simpson's Extra Dark Crystal Malt( 150 L). It turned out great.