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    Keg not dispensing

    Also try replacing the dip tube o ring. Just did that to fix a dispensing problem. (Sorry to reply to a 3 year old thread but this was the first search hit for "beer not dispensing")
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    Roller Grain Mill From Homebrew Supply

    Hey everyone, Fairly new to all grain brewing here and looking to invest in a mill. What do you guys think of this one? They are having a sale Generic Grain Mill Anyone purchase one of these bad boys? What's the construction like? Do I need to invest $200+ for a grain mill? Thanks...
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    Looking for HB Club

    Thanks Josh! I'll check both of them out. I'll keep my eye out for you when I come to Tacoma. I like your keezer. It came out well. Albert
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    Looking for HB Club

    Porter, thanks for the quick reply. I've followed up with the clubs in Seattle using the HBA list a while back and there seems to be no response. Just wondering if somebody has found an active brew club in Seattle.
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    Looking for HB Club

    Hey Everyone, Got into homebrewing about 6 months ago and got the brew bug really bad. It combines my love of tools, cooking, and beer drinking so naturally I'm addicted. Looking for a local support group in Seattle. Most of the brewing clubs that I contacted seemed to be inactive. Is anyone...