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    Nebraska Robobrew, chillzilla, mill, etc

    I am getting out of the hobby for a while and have some things that I am trying to sell off. ($400) Robobrew - 110v - Never Brewed on, Includes Neoprene Jacket, Chiller, SS Hop Strainer ($100) Barley Crusher mounted on stand with grain bucket and larger hopper ($35 Each) Corny kegs...
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    Nebraska Electric Brew Panel and Maybe eBrew pot

    Let me look at my costs and I'll let you knoe
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    Nebraska Electric Brew Panel and Maybe eBrew pot

    I have a 15 gallon bayou with a silver soldered tc 5500w element I might be willing to part with as well
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    Nebraska Electric Brew Panel and Maybe eBrew pot

    Decided to go a different direction with my brew system so this un-assembled system is for sale. Details: Deluxe 50a eBrew Supply PID DIY package (retail 355) have all the parts I only used some but all are...
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    Nebraska Misc Brewing Gear - 35 Gallon Kettle, Full setup, Hopback

    Looking to get rid of some equipment as we are moving soon and I need to downsize. Batch Sparge All-Grain Setup - want to sell as set preferably - $225 8 Gallon Brewpot with three peace ball valve, bulkhead and dip tube Darkstar 2.0 Propane Burner Fermenters Friend 10 Gallon Mash Tun w/...
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    Nebraska Fermenters Finest Mash Tun and Darkstar 2.0 Burner

    Darkstar 2.0 Burner 30$ FF Mashtun with FB - 10gallon 80$ will ship CONUS for actual cost of shipping.
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    Wyoming 1/6 barrel sanke kegs

    Cost of shipping for two to 68123
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    Wyoming 1/6 barrel sanke kegs

    I may take two shipped to Omaha I'll follow up tomorrow
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    Nebraska Frankenstein Party Pig

    Have a party pig that I i had a custom stainless plate to get rid of the traditional party pig tap. Allows you to use a picnic tap with a gas for the out put. Dip tube to ensure you can get every ounce out and an mfl fitting with check valve that allow for it to be charged via co2 tank or the...
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    Minnesota Hoffman NEMA 1 Enclosures 16x12x6

    I will take the one with the lock