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    200 mg/l sodium in city water

    I always use distilled and build the profile I want. If you have an RO system, that’s great, but I’ll spend the 0.89 per gallon for distilled. I don’t trust my water always be consistent and I know at times I can smell an odor I associate with algae blooms, so I prefer using a consistent blank...
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    Grain mill recommendation

    Northern Brewer Hullwrecker. Love mine. It’s a 2-roller mill. Easy to adjust and holds adjustment. I did file a flat on the shaft so I could drive it with my drill, but that was easy.
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    What's my gravity?

    Looks like 1.058 to me. I would even agree with the 1.0582. 😁
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    Clean Bottles

    I soak my bottles in an Oxiclean (fragrance free) solution. Start out hot. I let mine soak overnight because I am normally using it to de-label them as well. Next day I de-label and rinse well. On bottling say I give them all a 20 minute soak in Starsan. Good to go.
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    Larry Bell Stepping Down, Selling to New Belgium's parent company

    Too bad. Love Bell’s. Just afraid it will not be a positive for the beers I love.
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    Time to Start Kegging

    Yes, was planning on going Ball Lock and getting a 20 lb and a 5 lb CO2 tank. I’ll use the 5 lb for transfers and what not.
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    Time to Start Kegging

    Started Looking at chest freezers. Can’t find anything used so been looking at reasonably priced new. I was looking at 7.0 cf for $229 but saw the same manufacturer has 8.7 cf for $329. It’s the Hisense 8.7 cf model LC87D6EWD. Found it at Lowes. Internal dimentions along the bottom section...
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    Experiment to Save Gushers

    Interesting solution.
  9. A1sportsdad

    Experiment to Save Gushers

    I'm afraid I'm going to need a very large glass. Probably a pitcher. No off flavors at all. No signs of infection. Just a ton of carbonation. I'll see how the test goes but for now plan on pouring them into an oversized container and letting them settle down.
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    Experiment to Save Gushers

    Yes. I will get them all in the fridge. I did take readings. I got a final reading of 8.4 Brix (1.013). Same reading I had 4 days earlier. Oh well. If I had refrigerated them, it would have been a non issue. I am in the process of converting over to kegging, so that would have resolved it...
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    Experiment to Save Gushers

    Well, I've got some Vanilla Porters that have become gushers as they sat in my basement not refirgerated. They evidently were not quite done fermenting when I bottled them. If I open them after they are completely chilled, they will slowly gush but it takes about 20 sec for them to start to...
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    How do you Mash in w/BIAB?

    I’m a comic as well. Love that whisk. I double mill into a bucket then pour it into my BIAB bag already mounted in my kettle then whisk it really well. Never had an issue with dough balls.
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    Time to Start Kegging

    I was going to go with a chest freezer. Want the room for at least 4 Cornys in there.
  14. A1sportsdad

    Time to Start Kegging

    Lots of good information there. Will definitely keep the CO2 tank outside. More room for beer or storing some that’s bottled. Yeah, I was planning on adding a collar regardless for mounting the taps. All good. This will be fun. 😁