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    Imperial Stout

    Cheers David. sounds fine. I'd better start washing bottles.
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    Imperial Stout

    Hi all, I've had my Imperial Stout sitting in secondary for the last two months and am thinking of racking it off and bottling it so it's ready for the start of winter. It's clearly a fairly high ABV and I'm wondering if I'll need to add in some additional yeast prior to bottling. Would...
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    Safeale S-04

    It could be done. What was the OG and what is the SG now ? 80/-
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    Bottling in PET bottles?

    Probably only about an extra 50c per bottle
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    Bottling in PET bottles?

    No - it wouldn't be a terrible thing. Keep the bottles in the dark, make sure the screw lids are on real tight and don't plan on aging the batch for looooong time in the the bottles - they are apparently slightly O2 permeable. 80/-
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    No smoking debate

    Ehhhm - not quite. The English and Welsh have decided to follow the lead of the Scots (once again ! You there, south of the border - Catch Up! :D ) and ban smoking in all public places. In Scotland the ban came into force on Sunday and all bars, restaurants and other public places are now...
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    Champagne bottles

    The french store the bottles at an angle, with the neck downawards and use a "bump and turn" method when aging champagne to ensure that the yeast sediment from the fermentation in the bottle works its way down to settle on the cork/cap. They then freeze the champagne in the neck of the bottle...
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    I'm mashing!

    Thats a tidy looking cool box mash tun ! Did you use soldered joins on the copper piping ? I'm toying with the idea of using the push fit fittings - mostly because I'm not trusted around the cobination of beer and naked flame :D 80/-
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    I'm mashing!

    Blighty, What kit have you got for your all grain brewery and where did you get it from ? I'm mulling over making the move from extract brewing up to all grain and probably from a standard 5g batch up to a 10g batch. I guess I need an HLT / Boiler, a mash tun and a big fermenter - although...
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    heineken labels

    See posts here about capping Heinies https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=2122 Some genius also tells us how to swap the plates on a butterfly capper :D
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    Picnic Taps

    Cheers again guys - so for tonight I'll try the turn the pressure down route and I'll get online and get some small bore beer line for future use. :mug: 80/-
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    Picnic Taps

    Cheers guys - that gives me something to work with. Does anyone happen to know the id of 3/8" od beer line? The table on the site vtfan99 linked to gives resistance ratings for inner diameter and I haven't a clue what that might be for my line. To balance out a tap just above the keg at...
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    What's Brewing This Weekend (3-3/5)

    I've a got an imperial porter I want to get going so I can bet it bottled and conditioned for the autumn/winter. If I've time I'll also get a belgian stylee Grand Cru underway for earlier consumption. Busy busy !! :D
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    Picnic Taps

    I recently acquired three corny kegs and picked up the required lines, regulator and gas last weekend so I could ket an IPA I'd had settling onto draft ASAP :D It's great - Im never going to have to bottle again unless I want to ! Anyhoo - the only tap I could get was a little picnic tap...
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    Gas / Beer line connectors

    Anyone got any opinion? Surely some of you guys must already have a kegging set up - if so any advice? What would you do different if you did it again ? Cheers ! 80/-