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    Lakeland Area

    No brew stores, and as stated above, the Grapevine on south Florida (south of 570) has an excellent selection. If they don't have something I want, I head to Total Wine.
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    Lakeland Area

    To answer my own question, I went to Total Wine tonight in Tampa and have never seen such an amazing beer selection!
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    Lakeland Area

    I just moved to Lakeland, FL and haven't been able to find any good craft beer selections at bars or stores... Does anyone have any good suggestions? Also, are there any home brew stores in Lakeland or just in the Tampa/St Pete area? Thanks!! Chad
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    Questions from a new Homebrewer from Columbus, OH

    Thanks for the info guys, I will be checking out sodz soon enough!
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    Questions from a new Homebrewer from Columbus, OH

    Hi, I'm Chad. The first few batches of beer I made were using the Brewers Best ingredient kits and I think I'm ready to 'move up in the world' and attempt to make my own recipe. I have a few questions that maybe I could get answered... 1. I have been brewing using buckets with lids but...
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    Suggestions for Craft Beers from Ohio-Cincy area .

    River City Brewing co is in Cincinnati, I really like their Hop Bomber. You should also be able to find Great Lakes Brewing Co beer selection. Edmund Fitzgerald and Eliot Ness are 2 of my favorites from them.
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    Hopslam clone?

    Has anyone come close to making a clone of Hopslam? I would be greatful for a recipe.