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    Parents who brew...

    I would say small batches could be a solution - I think its better to brew smaller amounts more often than a full batch only once in a while. A 1.5 gal batch takes me about 2 hours, which I know I can squeeze into a weeknight, or maybe even an early weekend morning. Trying to find 6-7 hours is...
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    Biofine Clear sterility?

    Biofine should be stored above 5C, so just be careful if it's in a cooler...
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    Question on timing for multiple LME additions

    I think it depends how much water you're using, like if doing a partial boil. If you aren't doing a partial boil (no added water at the end) I would say just add them all at 60 minutes. If you are doing a partial boil, use enough extract to match the full boil gravity. For example, if your...
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    Making Traditional rice Wine. Cheap, Fun, and Different

    ARL can be bought from Ali Express or eBay.
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    Making Traditional rice Wine. Cheap, Fun, and Different

    I just harvested my second ever batch, and it's not sour! My first batch was a split batch into 5 mason jars. After reading that no additional water creates a very sweet wine (because the yeast are only so alcohol tolerant), I decided so see what different ratios of additional water would...
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    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    For reference, brewhardware sells the 1/4 ffl to mpt: Currently OOS though.
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    Quitting my job, family of 4. What next?

    I only read your first post, but with your experience managing large groups a factory management position came to mind. You don't always have to be an industry expert to run a factory floor, just understand the work instructions and have attention to detail. Its often more about keeping people...
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    Intertap beer faucets

    Ah, great, thanks. Sounds like I'll need some other method of protection, should be easy enough to design a "pet lock" so the taps don't get knocked open by accident.
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    Intertap beer faucets

    For anyone with the flow control faucets: Does the flow control completely stop the flow? I have a curious dog at home and would like to use the flow control as a safety feature if possible.
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    New Mexico 4 L Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flasks (2 FS) 80 each plus shipping

    Not to steal your thunder, but I bought mine 5 years ago from Cynmar: And they are $64 + $15 = $79 shipped. I think you might be overcharging for $80 + $20.
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    Brown Saison for Fall

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I do want a bit a special-b flavor, but now I think I'll reduce the amount. Also good idea on the sucrose, probably not needed.
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    Brown Saison for Fall

    My goal is to make a pretty dry, easy drinking Belgian ale for fall. I'm thinking 70-75% Saison, 25-30% Dubbel at a high level. I'm most interested in feedback on the amounts of special B, Caramunich, and Aromatic in this recipe (and maybe simplifying the grain bill): 8 lbs Belgian Pale 8...
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    squeezing grain bag is bad?

    I think its fine to rinse the grain bag...but not too much, for the same reason as squeezing. I supposed it would be like oversparging, and lead to possible tannins. Doesn't sound like you did that though, your arm would probably get tired before that happened. On that note, I find the bag...
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    Brewing my first next weekend

    Yeah, I didn't think there is much risk of oxygenating the beer with an autosiphon (Auto Siphon - 5/16" racking cane), and it costs $9 rather than $45 for better bottle attachments. There may be other advantages to the ported better bottle racking adapter I am not aware of though. It also...
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    Brewing my first next weekend

    I feel like you'd be better off with an autosiphon and some tubing rather than the ported better bottle and accessories. I have heard the ported better bottles aren't worth the money, but have no personal experience with them.