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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    10 gallons about a week ago of Belgian Dubbel 8371 + 10 = 8381
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    What is Maris Otter? Anything similar in ProMash?

    Beersmith has it listed at 1.038, 3SRM.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    10.5 Engish Pale 10.5 Belgian Pale 10.5 Belgian Triple 2347 + 31.5 = 2378.5
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    Technique for determining pre boil gravity with a split boil...?

    Collecting it all in a larger container and measuring the SG before splitting it into two boil kettles would work, but you could figure it out using "points" if you didn't have or want to use another container. If after sparging and before the boil you find that you have one kettle with 3...
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    Help Calculating boil gravity

    I am assuming that by "boil gravity" you mean the gravity of the wort before the boil. The way I would solve for that if I knew I wanted 10 gallons of boiled wort that was 1.060 would be to multiply 10 times 60 which equals 600. If you are going to start with 13 gallons, (and boil away three)...
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    pickup tube for keggle how to? best approach?

    scinerd3000, - if you bend another one, try filling the tube with sand or salt or something similar with the ends taped off. The filling keeps the walls from wanting to flatten. I've seen this done with copper tubing to make a water heating coil, but never stainless. But a simple bend like...