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    Edmund Fitzgerald? So many recipes

    Sounds like a good recipe. I won't be doing a 10 gallon batch, so I'll split it in half and maybe bump up the specialty grains a bit for extra malt and body.
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    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    fair maiden
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    Edmund Fitzgerald? So many recipes

    hey guys - I'm looking for a recipe that will get me as close as possible to the real thing. I've searched all of the recipes on here and the only one that comes close is this Has anyone used this recipe or brewed their own...
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    Is it supposed to smell like this?

    This has nothing to do with answering the OP because numerous people have already contributed sound advice. I'm just stating that it would be awesome if they followed through and improved upon Smell-O-Vision that was created back in the 50's/60's. Someone could post what the smell was and give...
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    Esb recipe

    NP. My target ABV was 5.8%, I believe I hit 5.7 with my grain bill and mash schedule.
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    Esb recipe

    Here is a BYO article by Jamil on ESB profile
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    Esb recipe

    ESB recipes are pretty simple if you stick to the English ale. It's straight up MO, you could add possibly a pound of Crystal to put a bit of color and body into the ale as well. EKG works, or Fuggle. The key to ESB is that it is a Bitter. You want it to be BITTER. So Stick with adding...
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    Stuck or all that should be expected

    Once it's bottled and conditioned properly, you'll notice a change in the body and flavor. It'll be awesome.
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    Best ipad app for new brewer

    This is true, beersmith stink in regards to newer versions requiring money. However, for beginners and intermediate brewers, Beersmith2 is worth its price and then some. There is a lot to the program. Mash profiles. Water profiles. Calculators. You put in the numbers, it calculates for you.
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    Help! Vigorous foaming at priming stage

    I know what I'm doing this weekend..... Grabbing some yeast starters and adding undissolved sugar to it..... Makes me want to watch Mr. Wizard.:ban:
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    How to take fridge temperature - probe placement

    I put my probe in a beer bottle filled with water and sealed it.
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    Easy Yeast Washing

    Good write up man. Easy to follow and love the classy jars!
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    Easy Yeast Washing

    Good write up man. Easy to follow and love the classy jars!
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    Mash Temp

    In all the years of doing stove top brewing...I never once considered this. Wow! :mug:
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    Stuck or all that should be expected