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    Star San "durability"

    I mixed up Star San using RO water November of '09. Sto;red it in a bucket w/tight fitting lid. Opened it to sanitize bottles - it was clear. Don't have any ph strips. Is it still good if it is clear. I believe the Star San site makes this claim.
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    A scale for hop & priming sugar measurement

    I bought one at Harbor Freight - Cen Tech brand (#93543); 500gram capacity (17.54oz). Can set to read grams or oz; has a zero/tare function, i.e. put the container on scale and set the readout to zero. don't remember what i paid but knowing me, not much. I use it to measure hops and sugar.
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    Printing at Kinkos; Sticking with Milk

    I have been using Print w/ my inkjet on15# paper. When i apply, I use milk but I brush it on the bottle. ink never runs
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    Pump for immersion chiller

    Before I got my immersion chiller I had started to freeze 2 or 3 gallon plastic milk jugs of water; then breaking the ice up with an ice pick; cutting the jug open and dumping it into a sink full of water. Cooled almost as fast as my IC later
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    Long secondary time

    Thanks. That makes sense. i was concerned because after between 15 & 20 batches I had bottle bombs in 2 separate batches. Don't know why t
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    Long secondary time

    I have a "Belgian Wheat" that has been in the secondary a little over a year. I know, I know Wheats should not have long secondary times but I had some health issues and just got back to this. My question: I am assuming that there is not enough yeast to carbonate. I intend to add yeast with my...
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    Overdue bottling?

    I brewed a "Begian Wheat" witbier July 18, 09. I racked to secondary 3 weeks later. I then encountered health issues where bottling was the farthest thing from my mind. This beer now has been in secondary about 5 months and I now feel up to bottling. Questions: Is there any hope for a beer in...
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    Star Anise

    I'm getting ready to brew a Belgian Wit. My recipe calls for 2.5 oz of Star Anise. I've run across opinions that this is too strong. The recipe also calls for .75 oz Coriander seed, .10 oz Grapefruit peel (zest?), and .25 oz Orange peel(zest?). The recipe also calls for the coriander to be...
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    Wort chilling in ice bucket?

    Sure. When I was doing extract brewing and before I got an immersion chiller, I would freeze 2 or 3 or more plastic gallon milk jugs and break up the ice w/an ice pick and cut the jug away. Cooled the 2-3 gal real fast. Did it in the kitchen sink so could drain warmed up water away. Couldn't do...
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    Adjusting Hops bill

    I'm getting ready to brew a SNPA clone (AG) and have purchased the ingredients. The hops I bought has a different AA than the recipe ingredients. I've tried to figure out the adjustment but am having trouble with it. I converted to grams (28.35 per oz) in my calculations because i could only...
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    How do you remove labels from old bottles?

    1cup household ammonia in 5 gal water soaked overnight. Labels will slip right off. Also works to loosen grunge in bottom of bottles
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    Over carbed batch

    I brewed a batch of "mild" back in June. One of the bottles broke on the shelf in the basement. There's a lot of pressure upon opening a bottle; it foams out until over a third is gone. Pouring a glass is pouring a glass of foam. Would over priming cause this. this is about my 15th batch and the...
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    Apfekwein, cant get montrachet, any Lalvin wine yeasts close?

    I was getting ready to make a batch and sampled a few of the over 2000 posts and jotted down the yeasts I saw used. Of course Moncharet was on the list plus Cote de Blanc and Lalvin D47. My LBHS only carried Lalvin so I took D47 and pitched that. Later I read more and saw Lalvin 1118 more often...
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    Wort boil directly to ice?

    I had a question something like this a while back. Someone warned against pouring hot wort into cold or icy water. Causes an undesirable phenomenon called "Hot Side Aeration" and suggested I do a search on that term. I did and decided not to do it.
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    Aluminum Immersion Chiller

    Go here: for good prices on 3/8 inch copper refrigeration tubing. I just got 50' this week for a little over $43 incl shipping ($34.95 + shipping.). BTW, our HD wanted $66 plus tax ($73) for 50' 3/8" refrig tubing