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Homebrewing Year One: Equipment and Labels

I started homebrewing early in 2016 with no knowledge and with what a store owner told me was "everything I needed." With every batch I brewed, I made mistakes, sought out more advice, and acquired more equipment. Now, after nine batches, I finally feel confident that when I invest time on brew day, I'll end up with something worth drinking and sharing. While I have loved this journey into homebrewing competence, I've also loved making beer labels for each batch. This article presents my year-one journey as captured by the labels I created. 1. Incident With a Siphon Imperial Stout As depicted on this label, I had major struggles with the siphoning on my first batch. I was anxious about ensuring everything that touched the wort was properly sanitized but then the siphon kept jumping out of the fermentation bucket. As I desperately wrestled with the siphon hose as beer ejaculated all over the kitchen, I had to give up on keeping the process clinically clean. So the first additions...