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Gluten Free Holiday Beers

It’s colder out, spirits are high, and it’s so freaking DARK out! Things are getting spiced out the wazoo, there’s pie everywhere, turkeys ducks and chickens are getting bird-centipede-ed, it’s bedlam- and on top of that, the in-laws… Got anything for me? YOU BETCHA! There are so many ways to envision holiday brewing, from flavors to themes to gift basket ideas- the list goes on. This is the one true season where is really is worth saying FU to the Reinheitsgebot- forgive me Beer gods. Not only do people give you the benefit of the doubt with your flavors, but they’re down to try something they would likely poo-poo in other seasons- so seize your moment. Spices and Styles for Holiday Beers Pumpkin Spice Holiday Beers: I might lose some of the audience here. It happens I get it… but it’s worth a try once. The methodology would include adding ground spices to the boil, typically under 15 minutes, very similar to the way you add coriander to a wit style beer. Where some differ in...

Brewing High Gravity Gluten Free Beers

I’d like to start this article off by talking about my first homebrewing experience. I had found out that a mutual friend homebrewed when I went out to a Nanobrewery in the OC area that served Mead. This Nanobrewery just so happened to also be a homebrew store, so we got to walking around, and I started to think, “Why can’t I make my own gluten free beer?” So, I started asking questions, and got invited to brew a beer at the house. However, I wanted to make sure I could drink it. Being a glutard (someone allergic or intolerant to gluten), I went in the best direction I thought possible—just grab some stuff off Amazon and see what happens, that’s what brewers do right? Every time I look back at that first grain bill, I’m on the floor laughing: 4 lbs. of Steel Cut Oats 1 lb. Buckwheat honey 1 lb. Brown Rice Syrup 1 lb. of Sorghum extract 1 lb. of flaked corn For a 5.5-gallon batch… I’m laughing as I’m typing this. I had to throw the entire batch out, not fun. At this point, I...

Getting More Body in Gluten Free Beers

So you’ve started brewing gluten-free. I commend you. For us glutards (those with intolerance and allergies to gluten), there are basically two options: 1) Make a regular beer, and then take the gluten out with WLN4000: Clarity Ferm, or 2) Brew using no gluten-carrying grains in the mash. As I’ve found, even with Stone Delicious IPA, there’s not much added benefit from option 1. I’ll still have some brain fog, indigestion, or sore joints the next day, which really takes the session-ability away from it being gluten-reduced. Furthermore, they’re not doing anything adventurous, just offering basic flavors, making you have to either travel to places like Alpine, Duckfoot, or Amplified Ales in San Diego (gluten reduced), Ghostfish in Seattle (all gluten free), Groundbreaker in Portland (all gluten free), or Glutenberg in Canada (all gluten free), basically making homebrewing the best way to get the flavors you want. Gluten Free Beer & Mouthfeel? Besides rice, all of these grains are...