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DIY Basic Hop Trellis For Under $100

Spring has finally sprung here in the great white North, and the first day where the temperature broke 60 gave me good reason to focus on installing my new (albeit small) hop trellis for growing this season's crop. If you're anything like me, your wife and property size/shape have a lot to do with where you plant hops. We're fortunate to live in the perfect latitude for hops, right around 43 degrees north, in West Michigan, but my house's southern exposure (ideal for lots of sun that hops like) is the front lawn. Bearing in mind that my wife would rather have a third eye in her forehead than have an enormous hop trellis in her front yard, I decided that the southwest side of the house would have to suffice. I decided my trellis would be along the property line to maximize sun exposure. [/hide]