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Spruce'n Up Your Brew

Thanks to El Nino and the mild winter, Spring is just a few drinks away. With Spring comes new growth, and with new growth comes new brewing ingredients. So grab your axe, let’s add some legitimacy to that lumberjack beard you’ve been sporting and let’s make a spruce beer! Ok, so maybe the axe isn’t exactly necessary. The new growth tips from spruce trees are really what we’re after, and can be easily be picked by hand. But if you’re picking spruce in a public place or your neighbor's yard, at least wear a plaid flannel shirt. Any part of the branch can be used but tips pack the most punch A tremendous source of vitamin C, spruce had long been used to ward off scurvy in our pirate and non-pirate forefathers. And, as with most things, the inventive ones found ways to make beer with it. The molasses based spruce beer recipes of Benjamin Franklin and Captain Cook have been recreated by several commercial breweries and home brewers alike. It can be found with a quick internet search...