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Step Mashing Concoctions, Infusions, Decoctions

I've long been a fan of European lagers and some years back had the pleasure of spending a wonderful summer in Munich with friends. We lived up the road from the famous Lowenbrau Keller and when opportunity presented itself, frequently enjoyed sampling the culinary and beer related offerings to be found there. [/hide]

The Efficient Brewer

Why is my efficiency so low? Can someone explain my efficiency? I thought I understood efficiency. These statements are just some examples of the many threads relating to efficiency that I have seen on HomeBrewTalk. It would seem the forum is replete with individuals scratching their noodles in an effort to solve a conundrum their brewing data has presented. Fortunately, there are many helpful members who are ready, willing, and able to crunch the numbers, point out possible errors, and in many instances solve the riddle. The purpose of this article is not to explore brewing-science's formulae and mathematics, but to illustrate some simple steps involved in the collection and interpretation of useful brewing data. Many homebrewers, myself included, use brewing software to crunch the numbers and calculate efficiencies. Through accurate data collection and analysis, brewers can more easily localize problems with their equipment or methods and find effective solutions. Lets look at...

For Starters. Flatulence, Flasks and Fermcap

There are many benefits to making a yeast starter, and a plethora of threads on this forum discussing their merits and the techniques used to make them. It was through my involvement in one such thread I discovered that some people consider making a starter in an Erlenmeyer to be potentially dangerous. I hold the view that with correct materials and methods, making a starter directly in the flask is arguably the simplest and most sanitary method one can employ. The purpose of this article is to illustrate this straightforward process, whilst highlighting some important steps along the way eliminating any messy or potentially injurious errors. As with any task, having the right tools for the job is imperative. Let's look at what's needed. [/hide]

BIAB like a BOSS

I began my home-brewing career a little over a year ago and have to admit, I am completely hooked on the art and science of the craft. I am fortunate in that an ex-roommate of mine some years back was a keen brewer, allowing me to assist and enjoy the fruits of his labors. This provided me with some insight into the process prior to embarking on my own journey of discovery. Luckily, it was relatively early in the learning process that I discovered HBT and to say this forum is invaluable as a resource is no small exaggeration. The purpose of this article is to outline my methods and system that I have tweaked over the last year in the hope it will assist others. I have endeavored to stick to proven methods rather than the, "it works for me so it must be OK", approach. I'm a stickler for details, so accurate measurements, calibrated instruments and a neat and tidy work area are front and center in my approach to homebrewing. Enjoy! Planning the Brew The planning stage has evolved...