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A Year In Review - Lessons Learned

September 27th marked the 1st anniversary for me and my new found love Homebrewing! I jumped into all grain brewing with both feet after first reading John Palmer's How To Brew. I scoured tons of forums and homebrew community sites in search of the most detailed information and the best setup I could find before purchasing a single grain or piece of equipment. It was a risky commitment, since starting with all grain can be more expensive, but with determination and perseverance it has paid off! Now with 20 plus batches under my belt, moving from 5 gallon to 10 gallon batches, and getting one of my best friends hooked on brewing himself within 3 weeks of experiencing his first sample, I realized something: my success has all been due to the wealth of information I've accessed from various brewing communities (primarily HBT). However, I had yet to contribute anything other than the odd reply to any of the HomeBrewTalk forums. After a year of scavenging from others, I decided it's...