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Top 10 Ciders on HomeBrewTalk

Summer is coming to an end, and with autumn right around the corner its time to start considering whats up next for your brew day. Youve made it through the wheats and saisons of summer, but now you look out at your brewing landscape to find the days getting shorter and cooler. With the harvest season coming up, one thing comes to mind: Cider! Whether youre fermenting a straight apple cider, or something far more complex, cider can be an outlet for your creativity and your need to experiment with bolder and more seasonal flavors. Today we take a look at the top 10 cider recipes here on HomeBrewTalk as we continue our Top 10 series. [/hide]

Top 10 Wines on HomeBrewTalk

HomeBrewTalk may be known as one of the largest resources for all things beer, but did you know we're about all things fermented and brewed? Aside from beer we have sections on mead, cider, soda, smoked meats, cheeses, and of course, wine! Many of us are well versed brewers. Aside from our beer we have tried a number of other methods of making homemade libations. If you've never made a wine I highly suggest you consider doing so. Even if you're not personally a fan of wine being able to introduce your friends and family to homebrewing through something they love can be the difference between brewing with friends, or a brew day spent alone. I don't know about you guys but I always appreciate the company! Here's the top 10 wine recipes from HomeBrewTalk for you to consider. [/hide]

Seven Sizzling Summer Labels

Today were going to take a look at some of the more eye catching labels submitted to HomeBrewTalk this summer. Homebrewing is unique in that you get to decide where to devote your talent and energy. Some of us, me included, dont have an artistic bone in our bodies and so we sit behind our screens in admiration of those who do hoping one day they will offer to make us a label (hint hint). As the seasons start changing and dog days of summer start winding down, our enthusiasm for surf and sun changes to harvest, school, and the seasonal beers of fall. Today we raise a glass to summer, and these labels that reflect the spirit of the season. Salud! *** [/hide]

5 Inspiring Brew Rigs!

Its inspiring to see how others are executing their vision of brewing. Brewing is unique in that there is no one way to brew, hence all the varying styles, regions, ingredients and recipes. Brewing is what you want it to be. Some of us a bucket brewers and will never have to move on. Through lack of desire, lack of time, lack of ability we just decided buckets and bottles are the direction to take, but we can still dream, and today we carry on with that dream. Its Monday. Youre sitting in your office after an awesome IPA Day Weekend, and all you want to do is fantasize about the life you live at home. Heres a few more brew rigs to help! If you have a brew rig you would like to see in future articles please make sure you get is added to our Brew Setup Registry, and for other articles on Brew Rigs please follow this link, and this one. *** Posted by redw88, Mt.Green Brewing is a brew rig just getting started in it's brewing journey. [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes - 24 - 1

This is it! These are the top recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. Each recipe is a personal journey in brewing that ended up being an influence to a good portion of the brewing world. The top 5 recipes from the top 4 brewers have seen more than 2,000,000 views combined and have been brewed by countless brewers the world over. Lets try to count them all the same. If you've brewed one of these be sure to post in the comments with which you brewed! HomeBrewTalk is a community and these recipes could not have been popular if it weren't for you the brewers brewing them, so special to thanks to everyone who enjoys HomeBrewTalk, however they enjoy it. For recipes 100 - 75 please follow this link. For recipes 74 - 50 please follow this link. For recipes 49 - 25 please follow this link. *** [/hide]

Brew & A: Bryan "m00ps" Canavan

Brewing is a miracle of nature, a triumph of the human condition. Our world is one of exploration and communication, with emphasis paid to the victories of our species. Grain, water, yeast, beer. Through trial and error we have found a way to harness the power of nature and force it to bend to our will allowing us infinite ability to explore the world before us. To be human is a powerful thing. So powerful in fact that we have taken this concept and applied it to our lives in scales never imagined by those that came before us. Just like brewing, medicine has evolved as we sought to answer the questions that compel us all. Why are we here? How do we make it better? How do I live through the ages? Although I won't pretend to know the answers to those questions, I will offer the following. Bryan "m00ps" Canavan wasn't supposed to walk again. He wasn't supposed to come out of the coma he was in. He wasn't supposed to brew again, yet today he joins us for Brew & A, and allows us a...

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes - 49 - 25

We are continuing our series on the HomeBrewTalk Top 100, this week covering recipes 50 - 25! As we near the top we're going to find that the majority of our membership and homebrewers the world over have either brewed, tried, or know someone that has brewed it so make sure to post in the comments which recipe you brewed and whether or not you made any changes. For recipes 100 - 75 please follow this link. For recipes 74 - 50 please follow this link. *** [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes - 74 - 50

Last week saw the beginning of our latest four part series, The HomeBrewTalk Top 100. For recipes 100 - 75, please follow this link. We continue on down our path of enlightenment, searching for the perfect beer. Is there such a thing? I think with over 4,000 recipes in the database there clearly is not, but that doesn't mean you don't have a favorite, so if you see your favorite be sure to note it in the comments. Some of these have been on HomeBrewTalk for years. Most in fact, but as we search for the perfect beer make sure you get your recipes added to our recipe database. In 11 years if we start this list over it might be your recipe taking a top spot. You never know! [/hide]

Coldbreak Brewing HERMS Giveaway!

Who's ready for the next giveaway? Coldbreak Brewing was so happy with the support provided from the community throughout their last giveaway they decided to launch another one right away, this time offering their Heat Exchange Recirculation Mash System (HERMS) to one lucky winner here in HomeBrewTalk! [/hide]

Six More Brew Rigs!

Way back in April we took a look at one of the more popular features here on HomeBrewTalk, the Brew Setups Registry. If you havent visited this section, go check it out. This is where our membership lets us know more about their brewing rigs, and it gives us an opportunity to stare with longing at systems we can only dream of, but are prohibited from having due our personal limitations, be them financial, space-related, or in my case, you have a terminal case of stupid hands and lack the ability to assemble anything close to these works of art. [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes - 100-75

If I had a beer for every contact I received asking me what the top homebrew recipes are here on HomeBrewTalk, I would have a beer for every recipe in the database. When you have over 4,000 recipes things can get a bit overwhelming. There are many reasons you may choose a brew from the recipe database, but by and large the most common qualifier is popularity, so with that we're starting the latest series here on HomeBrewTalk, The HomeBrewTalk Top 100. It's taken 11 years to acquire 4,000+ recipes. That's a little over one recipe a day for the last 11 years. Submitted from brewers all over the world, each recipe represents a unique journey for the brewer that created it, and the brewers that have brewed it. Having someone brew your beer is an honor, and one that we will be covering in another series debuting later in the month. Drawing inspiration from countless sources, each recipe is an attempt by the brewer to leave their indelible mark on the world of brewing. We are of the...

Brew & A: Gratus Fermentatio

Brew & A is back by popular demand! We never intended to stop writing it, other things came up. Important things. Beer things. But we're happy to announce the return of our series, and we hope you are too. Who is Gratus Fermentatio, amiright? Well to put it plainly, he's complicated, although his brewing seems to stay on the simple side of things. Gratus adds color to a gray world. He's the accent mark that turns the everyday into the exotic, and one of the members keeping us all in stitches in the Off Topic sections. This month we sit down with Gratus Fermentatio to learn more about his brewing, and to get to know the man behind the moniker. [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top Homebrew Recipes Part 3

For the last two weeks we've been covering the most popular recipes from our recipe database here on HomeBrewTalk based on each style. For part 1 please follow this link. Please follow this link for part 2. This is the third, and final installment in the top recipes. Next week we're going to be taking a look at the top homebrew recipes of all time here on HBT, but for now, onto the weird beers! Why are these beers weird? Well, how many times have you brewed with a roasted pumpkin? There you go. In fact, some of these are so weird they're not beers at all, but a mystical concoction known to some as "wine", which I've been told is fermented fruit as opposed to grain. What were those people thinking? *** [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top Homebrew Recipes Part 2

Last week we started covering the top homebrew recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. For part 1, please follow this link. This is a list of top recipes based on section as opposed to top recipes of all time, which is a resource we will be putting together shortly to help you all decide what's next for brewday. We will also be launching a new series in the next month where we dive deeper into the most popular and most brewed homebrew recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. We will talk to the brewer who developed the recipe, those who brewed it, and those who won awards with it. Stay tuned! *** [/hide]

The HomeBrewTalk Top Recipes - Part 1

I get asked all the time by new and experienced brewers alike "What are the top recipes here on HomeBrewTalk?". There's something extraordinarily gratifying about being able to produce the perfect pint of _______ after having read about it over and over. As of this writing there are over 4,000 recipes in the recipe database which can make it a bit overwhelming when deciding what you're going to brew next. Here are the top recipes section by section based on style. Thousands of you have brewed these so let us know in the comments which one you did and how it went. [/hide]

Top Five Brew Setups!

There's a fine line between jealousy and inspiration and it's typically based on what I can afford. If you're new to HomeBrewTalk, or maybe you just never looked up, we have a section dedicated entirely to brew setups. [/hide]