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Beer: A Game of Temperature

Beer! That delicious and refreshing beverage. When you drink a beer at home or in a bar, it is usually served cold. But does beer really taste better cold? Does temperature matter? Well, yes…yes it does. From grains to glass, temperature matters. If you brew extract, or if you brew all-grain, temperature control is key to good beer. If you mash your grains too hot or too cold, you get different mouth feel and alcohol levels. Without a good hard boil, the sanitization and flavor profiles might be off. Cooling wort too slowly can cause some crazy bacteria in the wort. Your fermentation depends on good temperature and temperature control, as does storing the beer, carbonating, and so on. So let’s journey down beer lane and see how temperature impacts beer at all its stages. Mashing Mashing at the right temperature for your beer's style. When you mash your beer, you need to know if you want a heavy, medium, or light mouth feel. Mashing your beer at a higher temperatures – around 154 –...