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This is a summary of an episode of The Jamil Show. Vienna Lager


[edit] Brewers

[edit] Notes

[edit] Segment 1

[Northern Brewer] is the proud sponser of [The Brewing Network]'s [The Jamil Show] [The Brewing Network] is proud to present [The Jamil Show]

Commercial - [Northern Brewer] - "It's the Hop Shortage" Commercial - [White Labs] - "What have you gotten out of a vial of White Lab's yeast?"

[edit] Segment 2

  • 13:40 Jon Plise gives credit to [Northern Brewer] for sponsoring the show.
  • 14:25 Justin Crossley asks Ray Daniels how to create a great vienna lager
  • 15:00 Ray Daniels talks about the malt in the style. He talks about simplicity and possible blending.
  • 17:00 Justin Crossley asks if Munich Malt would be out of style?
  • 18:00 Chadd asks if you need vienna malt at all to make a vienna lager?
  • 20:00 Ray Daniels talks about a book by [George Fix]. [Vienna Marzen Oktoberfest]. Ray Daniels is suprised to say that every recipe he had in the book had crystal malts. They believe he may have been compensating for a lack of malt variety.
  • 23:00 Justin Crossley asks Jon Plise how his recipe compares to Ray Daniels's description of a malt bill. Jon Plise says that his vienna lager is a blend between a Munich Helles and a Munich Dunkel.
  • 24:30 Justin Crossley asks Dr. Scott about his vienna lager. Dr. Scott says that he likes to keep it clean and simple. Pilsner as a base malt with vienna if its available or munich as a substitute. He might is a carafa to darken it.
  • 26:00 Justin Crossley asks Ray Daniels about hopping the beer. Ray Daniels goes on to say that it should be balanced.
  • 27:45 Chad asks Ray Daniels if you over hopped and over malted the beer, should you enter this as a Marzen?
  • 28:30 Justin Crossley asks if you should mix the noble hops or just go with one?
  • 30:00 Break

Commercial - [Fermentap] Commercial - [21st Amendment Brewery] When was the last time you had a good beer in a can?

[edit] Segment 3