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Concerning this line: Wash your hands thoroughly, sanitize your work area & utensils - lay down some paper towel and lay out your items so you're not rushing to 'unclean' parts of your kitchen.

It is unclear whether you are advising to work on top of the paper towels or to have them handy.

I have been advised in the past to work on a clean, sanitized, non-porous surface. This has been a sheet of aluminum foil spritzed with Star-san.


Good article. Thank you for posting it.

I don't see any mention of using a pressure cooker. Is this overkill in your opinion?



Where is mention of who first wrote this article? I first saw this on HBD years ago - written by Dave Draper.

Original article can be found here: Origin


I went through and updated the equipment needed section. I used headers for each type of equipment. Not sure if this fits in the style for the wiki or not. I want to re-do the section that talks about preparing a blank slant. I believe that it should be listed twice. Once as done by the original author, using gelatin. The alternate method will be using agar. Agar is able to withstand the temps of a pressure cooker and still gel after cooling.