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Comments on RubberMaid MLT

I just followed the plans to convert my Rubbermaid cooer to a MLT, but this time with a 5 gallon cooler. The design worked perfectly!

I also had another similar cooler from Igloo sitting around. The difference between the two coolers is that the Igloo does not have the same rubber seal as the Rubbermaid. To get around this, I purchased a 5/8" ID rubber grommet, which fit the hole perfectly. After that the rest of the assembly is the same as the Rubbermaid version.

O ring question

5/8” Inner Diameter O-ring (preferably heat resistant, if you can find one) - Okay, 5/8 ID, but does the OD matter?--Pierce 19:54, 20 March 2009 (CDT)