Peat-smoked malt

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Scottish peat smoked malt that has been smoked over burning peat in order to add a dark aroma and flavor characteristic of Islay whisky and some Irish whiskey. Some recent brewers have also included peated malt in interpretations of Scotch ales, although this is generally not considered historically accurate. It has sufficient diastatic power to self-convert. Medium Phenol (10-14). Typically used in the production of Scotch (it is where Scotch gets its smoky flavor from). In the beer isle we would find it primarily used in the production of Scottish Ales and Wee Heavy. In smaller amounts it will add a pleasant smoky aroma and flavor, but don't over do it. If used in excess it will give off a medicinal/band aid character. Usage 2 to 10%.

Avg. Lovibond: 2.5 Country of origin: UK