Leipziger Gose

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Leipziger Gose or Gose is a very rare regional style of soured, top-fermented German wheat beer flavored with coriander and salt. Like Berliner Weisse and other minor German regional syles, especially sour beer styles, Gose almost died out in the first half of the twentieth century but may now be undergoing a revival. Gose is traditionally brewed with a unique conditioning process which involves leaving an opening in the cask, allowing yeast to escape.


Competition Styles

Neither the BJCP nor the GABF style guidelines recognize Gose as a competition style. Gose should be entered in either organization's competitions in one of the Specialty beer categories.

External Links

An extensive overview of the history and character of Gose is available in an August 24, 2007 post on the beer blog Shut up about Barclay Perkins