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You can use a Google to search the forum.   
You can use a Google to search the forum.   

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You can use a Google to search the forum.

Entering the following term in the Google serach box:


will render the following page:

Google search is a useful alternative to the native forum search for several reasons. Primarily, the forum software search has an imposed restriction on terms of 3 characters or less or terms that are over 20 characters. This restriction is a performance related measure.


Searching for carafoam-carapils-maltodextrine will yoed the following error.

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : carafoam-carapils-maltodextrine

Other common brewing terms that will yield a search error:

  • O2
  • Keg
  • Dry Hop
  • "Hop Rod Rye"

Note that the inclusion of quotation marks does not matter in the forum search.