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Information on the DCLabs yeasts needed


[edit] Saflager Strains

[edit] Saflager S-23

A bottom fermenting lager strain.

[edit] Saflager W-34/70

The Weihenstephan strain.

[edit] Safale Strains

It is not clear why the Fermentis top fermenting strains are divided into Safale and Safbrew categories. However, it does appear that the Safale strains are a little more generic and general purpose whilst the Safbrew strains are more for speciality beers.

[edit] Safale S-04

For typical English style ales.

[edit] Safale US-05

Safale US-05 is the dry version of Chico. US-05 is a very clean fermenting yeast for use in many American Ale styles. Many home brewers have switched to US-05 from 1056 or WPL001 due to the cost, long term storage capability, and ease of using dry yeast.

  • Temperature Range: 59-75°F
  • Sedimentation: Medium
  • Final Gravity: Low to Medium

The yeast used to be caleld US-56, however due to issues with wyeast claiming that the name was too similar to their 1056, the name was changed.

[edit] Safbrew Strains

Like the Safale strains, these are top fermenting ale yeasts but might be considered more for speciality beers (although T-58 and S-33 for example might be considered a fairly generic yeasts for Belgian brewing).

[edit] Safbrew T-58

A Belgian/Trappist strain with high alcohol tolerance.

[edit] Safbrew S-33

A Belgian/Trappist strain with high alcohol tolerance.

[edit] Safbrew WB-06

A wheat beer strain for weizen or witbier styles.