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5 gallon "corny" kegs

A Cornelius keg or Corny keg is a type of keg originally manufactured by the Cornelius company for use in the soda industry. Now obsolete, they are easy to find used and popular with home brewers. These kegs are generally preferred by home brewers because they are well suited for storage in converted refrigerator or freezer kegerators and hold the typical 5 gallon batch of beer. These kegs can be found in used condition (often filled with residual CO2 pressure and a bit of old syrup) for a few dollars more than their worth in stainless steel scrap. 2 and 3 gallon versions are also available, although they are rarer than full-sized 5-gallon kegs.

Two different disconnect/coupling systems (ball-lock and pin-lock) were widely used and are NOT interchangable. There were three primary manufacturers of these kegs; Firestone, Cornelius, and John Wood.


Keg Anatomy

Posts and Poppets

Ball Lock kegs were originally used by Pepsi while pin lock kegs were originally used by Coca Cola. The ball lock style is most commonly used by homebrewers and, unless stated, all information here is for ball lock kegs.

Lids and Relief Valves

The keg will have a lid which will either be egg-shaped or more squared. The later is known as racetrack lids and ususally have a flat oval gasket. The more common lids have a 3 1/2"ID x 4"OD O-ring gasket.

There have been three major types of relief valves on the keg lids. The oldest type is a metal valve. Next came the dome type relief valve. These were a bulkhead design, meaning the lid has a flat ole in it through witch a threaded piece is inserted from the top, and a collar is threaded on from the inside. The most recent style of valve is like a poppet valve. This one threads in from the top and has a spring with a rubber washer on the end to seal.

Dip Tubes

Each keg has two dip tubes, one for gas and one for liquid. The top of each tube is flared, and a 5/16"ID x 1/2"OD O-ring is located beneath the flare.

Reconditioning Cornelius Kegs

At a minimum, all 5 O-rings should be replaced and the kegs should be filled with hot water/detergent over night (followed by sanitizer) before the first use.