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[edit] Partial Mash Simplified

A method of brewing also called mini mash or mini mashing. Partial mashing is a mix of Extract brewing and All-grain brewing. A small amount (usually 2-4 pounds) of grain is mashed to obtain fermentable sugars, and Malt Extract is used to provide the remainder of the fermentables in the wort. This is similar to using Steeping grains in extract brewing, except the inclusion of the mashing step allows the use of all common brewing grains, whereas steeping is only suitable for grains that do not need to undergo conversion.

Partial mashing has a number of advantages:

  • Wide variety of available grains and adjuncts allows significant recipe flexibility as compared to extract alone
  • Serves as a good introduction to all-grain brewing practices
  • Grain replaces some of the malt extract required, reducing the batch cost
  • Can be done without much extra equipment as compared to extract brewing

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