Known Commercial Yeasts

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This is an alphabetical list of beers that have known yeast strains available to homebrewers.


[edit] Achouffe

[edit] Beamish Stout

[edit] Budweiser

[edit] Chimay

[edit] Du Bocq (Corsendonk)

  • Wyeast 3538

[edit] Duvel Moortgat

[edit] Flying Dog Ales

[edit] Fuller's London Pride

[edit] Guinness Draft Stout

[edit] Orval

[edit] Rochefort

[edit] Rogue Ales

[edit] Sam Adam's Boston Ale

[edit] Sam Adam's Boston Lager

[edit] Sierra Nevada Ales aka Chico

Usually referred to as Chico in the professional brewing community.

[edit] Unibroue

  • Wyeast 3864

[edit] Westmalle