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Edme Limited was established in the early 1880s as the English Diastatic Malt Extract Company. So respected were its brewing syrups that in breweries throughout the UK Edme became a generic term for malt extract. In many breweries, the pipe running from the sugar room to the mash tuns is still known as the "Edme pipe." As the 1994 recipient of the Queen's Award for Export Achievement, Edme has built a reputation for quality English malts available the world over.

The Mistley, UK, company is based in the heart of England's premier malting barley growing region, providing it with a selection of the finest barley suitable for the needs of each product. The extracts are produced in a traditional English malting factory outfitted with modern process technology. Mash tuns and pan evaporators stand alongside the accoutrements of a modern syrups production plant, ensuring the company of an unsurpassed degree of flexibility in selecting the optimum processing method for each product.

The brewers and technicians at Edme have combined their training and technology with what they know from listening to brewers' needs to develop a full range of products for multinational breweries, microbreweries, BOPs, and home brewers at every level of the art.

[edit] EDME's Extracts:

Edme's line of malt extract are derived from UK-grown two-row barley or wheat processed at Edme's facilities in Mistley, England.

Amber: Used for bitters and ales. Unhopped. Available in 3.3-lb cans.

Classic Pilsner: Used for Pilsener or lager beers. Hopped. Available in 4-lb cans.

Dark: Used for ale, porter, stout, and Bock beer styles. Unhopped. Available in 3.3-lb cans.

English IPA: Used for India pale ale. Hopped. Available in 4-lb cans.

Extra Stout: Used for Irish extra stout. Hopped. Available in 4-lb cans.

Light: Used primarily for light beers. Unhopped. Available in 3.3-lb cans.

Maris Otter Light: An unhopped light malt syrup extracted exclusively from floor-malted Maris Otter premium two-row barley. Available in 3.3-lb cans and larger sizes.

Original Draught: Used for draught lagers. Hopped. Available in 4-lb cans.

Red Ale: Used for red ales. Contains a glucose blend and hops. Available in 4-lb cans.

Wheat Beer: Used for Weizen beer and Hefeweizen. Comprises 60% barley and 40% wheat. Available in 4-lb cans.