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[edit] Style Page Template

The following is wiki text that can be quickly cut and pasted to create a new style page. This will give some uniformity to the beer style pages while still allowing for individual contributions.

[[Category:Beer styles]]

(A brief description of the beer, including characteristics and alternate names, goes here)

==History of STYLE==

==Types of STYLE==

==Brewing STYLE==

==Competition Styles==

===BJCP Style Guidelines===


===GABF Style Listings===



To use the template, just copy and paste it to the new page, replace STYLE with the name of the style, and add in whatever extra categories are relevant, including an ale, lager, or hybrid category and a national origin category, if appropriate. For the full list of current subcategories, see the list on this Category page.

If a heading on the template isn't relevant (for example, "Types" is not relevant for a style with no substyles), delete it; otherwise, fill it in or leave it as a stub for someone else to fill in.

Of course, feel free to modify this template or any style page as you see fit.

[edit] Discussion

I've just reorganized this page and added the template section above (mostly for my own convenience as I continue editing the style pages). I may put similar templates in the discussion pages of other categories (for example, Hop varieties) as well. --Chapka 07:25, 12 October 2007 (CDT)

All existing style pages have now been converted, and many more added. I'll continue to fill in some of the stubs as I get a chance.--Chapka 09:50, 5 November 2007 (CST)