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Brushes of various sizes and materials are available for particular cleaning purposes.

Bottle Brush

[edit] Bottle Brush

A brush with a 6"-8" handle (usually metal) and short (around 1") stiff bristles. Primarily used for cleaning beer bottles it is also useful for cleaning some types of hose or tubing.

Carboy Brush

[edit] Carboy Brush

A larger version of the bottle brush that is able to reach to the bottom of standard carboys used in the homebrewing process. These brushes will often have a 90 degree bend in the bristled portion allow the shoulders of the carboys to be scrubbed.

WARNING: A carboy brush should never be used on a Better Bottle as it will scratch the plastic. This creates places bacterial infections can hide from cleaning and sanitizing solutions thereby making it unsuitable for fermentation and/or conditioning.