HomeBrew Testing- All Grain vs Extract Hefeweizen Exp

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Uploaded by everty2007 on 06/17/2012
This is my first experiment from scratch. I will be brewing an all grain and mini-mash hefeweizen. Using the same principal base with similar specialty grains. Same hop additions hallertau, spalt, perle along with Wyeast 3068. I liked the overall taste from both, but I liked one just a little but more, check it out to see what I thought. If interested in the recipe please let me know and I can send you what I used. Check out my Youtube channel for other videos along my home brewing j
July 28, 2012  •  05:47 PM
Could the difference in bitterness be the way the hops were pitched? In the mini-mash pellets were pitched directly into the wort, but the all-grain a mesh bag was used.
August 7, 2012  •  11:40 PM
good point, I suppose that with with bag you get less hop carryover into the fermenter. Makes sense, thanks for the comment
March 13, 2014  •  02:30 AM
Great Job of Documenting your test. I enjoyed the video very much. I believe that sometimes we try and "overthink" these things....looks to me like you made two good batches of brew....and I would be happy with either one. Great job of trying to be precise and improve your brewing process. Thanks!