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The Science of Suds: Interview with Neva Parker from White Labs

White Labs needs no introduction to homebrewers. As one of the largest providers of brewing yeast in the United States, all of us at one time or another have used their products. Founded way back in 1995 by President and CEO Chris White, their mission has been simple to sum up, though perhaps not so… Read more »

Maintaining A Healthy Yeast Bank Long Term

One of the most important things you can do to brew great beer is ensure you have a healthy, unstressed yeast population. From pitching rates, fermentation temperature, avoiding contamination by competitive organisms, all the way through bottle conditioning; an unhappy yeast culture will kill a batch faster than you can drop a 5 gallon glass… Read more »

Heads Up: Yeast Bent on World Domination

When you make beer, you may think you’re the boss of your ingredients. But have you stopped to think about how seemingly innocent Yeast may have the upper hand over humans, at least when it comes to world domination (are you paying attention, gamers)? To investigate Yeast’s grand strategy for taking over Mother Earth, we… Read more »

Preparing A Yeast Starter Using Canned Wort

In my previous article Wort Canning To Save Time, one commenter questioned where the time savings were. Well, ask and ye shall receive! In this article, I’ll show you how I use pre-canned starter wort to make preparing a yeast starter an extremely quick process. As I mentioned in the previous article, the problem with… Read more »

For Starters. Flatulence, Flasks and Fermcap

There are many benefits to making a yeast starter, and a plethora of threads on this forum discussing their merits and the techniques used to make them. It was through my involvement in one such thread I discovered that some people consider making a starter in an Erlenmeyer to be potentially dangerous. I hold the… Read more »

Collecting Wild Yeast

Yeast can be the difference between a good recipe and a great recipe. I have been making cider, wine and mead for over a year now and I am learning quite a bit about the strains out there and what they can bring to the table. While experimenting with the prominent strains found at my… Read more »

Simple Yeast Storage Procedure

Simple Yeast Storage Procedure Sanitize or sterilize jars. (Mason jars work nicely for this purpose. A quart size jar which will hold about 300 billion cells) Leave behind about an inch of beer when racking the beer off the yeast cake. Swirl the fermentor to suspend the yeast. (Avoid shaking as oxygen has a tendency… Read more »

Craft The Perfect Draft – Grow Your Own

When planning to brew an Irish Red Ale a few weeks ago I decided to use White Labs WLP004 – Irish Ale Yeast to ferment it, that is until I found out my LHBS had none in stock. After investing so much time in formulating this recipe I already had my heart set on pitching… Read more »

Pitch It, Don’t Toss It! Using Yeast That’s Past It’s Prime

It happens, maybe you found a pack of yeast in the back of your fridge from last summer you forgot about, or you took a break for a while and still had yeast on hand before you stopped brewing, maybe you got your ingredients from a homebrew shop that doesn’t check dates. However it happened… Read more »

Make Beer, Not Starters

In this hobby it doesn’t take long to learn the importance of yeast starters for a healthy and vigorous fermentation, and after making several starters & pouring the fermented DME down the drain I have come to the conclusion that this is a waste. I am constantly looking for an excuse to brew up a… Read more »