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Taking Draft Homebrew on the Road: Your Options Compared

Some people bottle, some keg, and some do both. Sometimes there are styles that steer you towards one medium or the other. But sometimes you keg because you just can’t stand the bottling process. That’s all fine and good, and you feel quite content in your decision to avoid bottle cleaning and let’s not forget… Read more »

Studying for the BJCP Exam

So you want to become a beer judge? Good for you! Not only will you be helping yourself by expanding your knowledge of beer, brewing and sensory evaluation but you’ll be helping others improve their brewing as well. An admirable goal! But how do you go about becoming a beer judge? You must first pass… Read more »

Creating Vector Beer Labels in Inkscape

***READ BEFORE CONTINUING: This is not an Inkscape tutorial. There are already a ton of these across the web that will explain the software better than I can. This is a guide to developing ideas, layouts, and graphical components of a label.*** What is the first thing you notice when having a beer? You notice… Read more »

Beer Sensations: What’s in Your Beer, Beyond Flavor?

Are you constantly on the hunt for the holy grail of beers? There is nothing like the euphoria of tasting an absolutely fabulous brew. But have you paused to think about the exciting sensations that beer offers . . . beyond flavor? When beer’s non-flavor sensations – astringency, body, carbonation, finish and temperature – are… Read more »

Tasting Beer: A Primer To Share With Your Wine-Loving Friends

It was a kick putting together this video to share knowledge about tasting beer at the 101 level. You will find information here about appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and character. For those of us who grew up with wine, discovering the complexity and depth of craft beer is akin to entering a parallel universe of… Read more »

Easy Kegs and Mini Kegs

Earlier in the year, I decided I had enough of bottling and wanted to start kegging. I didn’t have the money to start a kegerator or keezer build, so I started researching five liter kegs. I found the Brewferm Mini Keg starter pack with the posh picnic tap to be the one I wanted (two… Read more »

Casks For Homebrewers

This summer, I won a pin cask as a raffle prize at the River’s Edge Homebrew Festival – yahtzee! Knowing nothing about casks, I did a little research, talked with some cask-experienced friends, and then cask conditioned a beer to serve at our homebrew clubs annual picnic. While I’m no expert, I’d like to share… Read more »

Carbon Dioxide Purity And Off Taste

There are numerous discussions on HomeBrewTalk about off-flavors from CO2. Some are non-believers and insist that CO2 is CO2, while others claim to have experienced these off-flavors first-hand. I am primarily a soda brewer, and I’m a firm believer now that CO2 can have a significant impact on flavor. It is not about 99% vs… Read more »

Seven Sizzling Summer Labels

Today were going to take a look at some of the more eye catching labels submitted to HomeBrewTalk this summer. Homebrewing is unique in that you get to decide where to devote your talent and energy. Some of us, me included, dont have an artistic bone in our bodies and so we sit behind our… Read more »

A DIY Keg Line Cleaning Solution

I want to start off by saying that there are so many awesome articles on HomeBrewTalk, written by homebrewers like myself, that are incredibly helpful and show the extreme level of ingenuity we bring to this hobby. That said, this article may not be as technical or as creative as some (or even most), but… Read more »