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Brewing with Chocolate, Methods and Process

Chocolate and beer are two of the best substances in the world, so they can only be better together, right? There are a number of ways to infuse the goodness of cacao, along with all the antioxidant power packed into those little beans, into your homebrew. Armed with sharp taste buds and a hint of… Read more »

The Top 10 Homebrew Talk Articles of 2016

Some people say 2016 was an awful year, peppered with celebrity deaths, political hi-jinks, exploding cell phones, and seemingly rampant terrorism. But when all the dust settles there’s always Homebrew Talk, and homebrew conquers all. We even got up and running on a new WordPress platform for the article area, and posted 72 articles this… Read more »

RIMS or HERMS: Understanding Mashing Equipment

If you’re looking for ways to maintain better consistency across your recipes every time you brew, you’ll want to look at consistency in your mash rests. Basic rests being Acid (95°F – 113°F), Protein (113°F – 138°F), and Saccharification (beta-amylase 131°F – 150°F, alpha-amylase 150°F – 160°F) . There are multiple other rests, and refined… Read more »

Food and Beer Pairings – Ploughman’s Lunch

The ploughman’s lunch, historically, is pub fare. A plate consisting of: bread, cheese, pickles, and cold meat, maybe an apple, boiled egg, and some butter and, of course, a fine ale. Marketed in the mid-century by the Cheese Bureau of the U.K. as a way of promoting and selling cheese after WW II rationing had… Read more »

The Science of Suds: Interview with Neva Parker from White Labs

White Labs needs no introduction to homebrewers. As one of the largest providers of brewing yeast in the United States, all of us at one time or another have used their products. Founded way back in 1995 by President and CEO Chris White, their mission has been simple to sum up, though perhaps not so… Read more »

Accelerated BOMM Experiments

Bray’s one month mead (BOMM) thread had me fascinated in accelerating fermentation as soon as I stumbled upon it at homebrew talk. The entire idea is centered around the fact that mead generally takes longer to ferment, clear, and age because the yeast are stressed to a greater degree than what we normally would see… Read more »

Lessons From My First Public Homebrew Competition

A little over a year ago I jumped into this awesome hobby of homebrewing. Now, twenty some batches in, I’ve moved from extract to all-grain, gotten a temperature controlled fermentation chamber, a handful of kegs, and all sorts of other fun gear. What I hadn’t done, was enter a competition. Sure, the local homebrew club… Read more »

Homebrewing Year One: Equipment and Labels

I started homebrewing early in 2016 with no knowledge and with what a store owner told me was “everything I needed.” With every batch I brewed, I made mistakes, sought out more advice, and acquired more equipment. Now, after nine batches, I finally feel confident that when I invest time on brew day, I’ll end… Read more »

Wort Chiller Review and Comparison

Here is my comparison of a few wort chiller types and brands. Chilling your wort after you’ve finished the boil serves a number of purposes. There’s the scientific aspect of how chilling it quickly causes certain protein strains to form and precipitate out, and there’s corresponding studies of why that’s a good thing. Another key… Read more »

An Interview With Saint Benjamin Brewing

Succeeding in a big beer city like Philadelphia can’t be easy. This is a town that sits alongside Portland, San Diego, and Asheville as one of the great beer Meccas in the United States, after all. While that means it’s packed with beer lovers, it also means there is a lot of competition. How do… Read more »