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Building A Copper Wort Chiller

Building A Copper Wort Chiller Purpose: Well as we all know, needing to chill your wort fast and efficiently is of utmost importance. I’ve been brewing for a while now and until recently I did not think I would ever need an immersion chiller. Well was I wrong. Now that I created this wonderful chiller… Read more »

DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

The following steps are how I made a immersion chiller for cooling my brew fast for pitching yeast. No need to to pay $100 bucks. Things you will need: Standard head screw driver 25′ 3/8″ copper tubing (some use 50′ and you would follow the same steps) 4 hose clamps 3/8″ ID clear plastic hose…. Read more »

DIY Wort Chiller For Hot Weather

Living in Phoenix – the Valley of the Sun – I was confronted with the problem of a good way to chill my wort. With tap water coming out of the faucet VERY WARM, many of the standard methods didn’t work. After much consternation, I came up with a method that has served me very… Read more »