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DIY Wine Rack and Display Board

It’s no great secret that a big chunk of the fun of being a wine connoisseur lies in the visual aspect of the bottles themselves. Yeah, we could stuff them all in boxes like so many 8-track tapes, but where’s the joy in that? No… Some sort of wine rack is called for to help… Read more »

Beers With A Wine Influence

The explosion of craft breweries in recent years has led to innovative new brewing techniques and exciting new flavors. Some breweries have begun to borrow flavors and techniques from wine-making, either by fermenting their beer with grape juice or grape must, or by aging the finished beer in barrels previously used to ferment or age… Read more »

Profile Of The Black Spanish Grape

ORIGIN The Black Spanish grape has been called El Paso, Jack, Blue French, Ohio, and Jacquet, and is now legally known as Lenoir or Jacquez (more about the name in a minute). It is a hybrid which appeared in America (probably in South Carolina) sometime in the 1830s. One of its parent grapes comes from… Read more »

Grape to Grain: A Winemaker’s Transition To Home Brewing

About a year and a half ago, I stumbled on an article on the Flanders Red beer style. A Flanders Red is aged in oak barrels for years, giving it acidity and a Burgundian complexity which has been described as the most wine-like of all beers. I was intrigued by this concept, so I drove… Read more »

How to Choose a Home Wine Fridge

When people get serious about wine, they often purchase a refrigerator or cooler dedicated solely to wine. A wine fridge can keep multiple bottles of wine stored at the correct temperature (see my article on service temperatures) or provide a place to age the wines you want to keep for several years. Why not keep… Read more »

The Best Way to Save an Open Wine Bottle

The Best Way to Save an Open Wine Bottle You’re drinking wine and you realize you aren’t going to finish the bottle. You know wine doesn’t stay fresh for long once the bottle is opened. So how do you keep it as fresh as possible until you want to finish it? How long can you… Read more »